Windows 10: Watch this video Pt.1 and 2 before installing Windows 10

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    musky said: View Post
    all the gov,and bussiness in the usa are honest and would never take your personal info just ask edward snowden.
    You do realize that this can happen with any OS?
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    Even when told not to, Windows 10 just canít stop talking to Microsoft

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    I may be for privacy but she is going to the extreme.

    There is the catch she is selling her email service and wants people to use her search engine.
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    Disclaimer: This is not intended to judge anyone's religious and/or spiritual beliefs. This is my observation with statement of the way I understand this particular topic.

    I listened to the interview, but must admit that half way through the second one I did fast forward it to listen somewhat of the next point she makes and she does indeed make a lot of them. Then I did some research on her and on the show host Pete Santilli. Dr. Albrecht has a website as linked below. There's a bio of her there also. I also read Kari's linked Wikipedia article on her. There's some on Pete Santilli if you want to perform a search on him. He's most notable of being a past Coca Cola executive.

    Home | Katherine Albrecht

    About Katherine | Katherine Albrecht

    This is a quote from her bio:

    Author or Co-Author of six books and videos, including the award-winning bestseller "Spychips: How major corporations and government plan to track your every move with RFID" and "The Spychips Threat: Why Christians should resist RFID and electronic surveillance."
    It didn't take me long to understand that she's probably a right-winged conservative evangelical Christian type or makes off to be one. I dislike putting anyone in a little box, but Iíve met and knew of these types. Somewhat like the Bakers. Iím sure you remember Tammy Faye and Jimmy.

    What I hear her saying is nothing new to me. I've heard about this starting back in the mid 90's when PCs started to become popular. It all has to do with the Christian biblical theory that the computer with all the networking, programs, digital banking, digital scanning, modern checkout cash registers with scanners, RFID chips, UPC skin tattooing, all the data stored, and the likes is indeed the "mark of the Beast" (666 or whatever) which is the corresponding symbolism for the "Antichrist". This "mark" is the "tool" the "Antichrist" will eventually use to control the world and its people. It all culminates to a point when there is one world government and religion. Thereís much more, but thatís about the jest of it.

    One of her ending statements she makes is that anyone who takes/receives this ďmark of the BeastĒ is condemned to eternal damnation.

    So, we have her claiming that MS as a corporation is in on the deal with Windows 10. Thatís all well and fine if thatís your belief, but I say itís hogwash. Everyone is out to make a living and I think her and others spread hysteria of this stuff to make a good buck off of it. I find it particularly amusing that she has her own website that puts her out there on the very same ideology she in fact is condemning. If sheís all about privacy, then why did it not take me long to find out some facts about her? Well, Iíd say she needs to advertise like any entity does to strike up business and to make a profit. To me sheís all about the $buck. I think PT Barnum wouldíve been proud of her.

    Letís look at the risk. There is such a thing as a code of corporate ethics that MS or any other corporation must adhere to. If MS is doing what sheís claiming and stockholders and/or the stock exchange find it as fact, MS would collapse within months. Their stock would be absolutely worthless. They would then have to operate with cash on hand which wouldnít last very long. And would you know the percussions on that? The world economy would begin to crumble. That would then defeat the purpose of the so called ďmark of the Beast, would it not? Someone (who is no longer with us) once posted that ďthe world business runs on Windows 7Ē. Thatís a half-truth > Most of the world business runs on a lot of machines running a lot of different types of MS products.

    Iím not going to get into how much server space, energy, and labor it would take to store even an eighth of what sheís claiming even though if it would be compressed.

    In closing; If thatís what you want to believe, thatís fine, but I think itís pure hogwash. If you do, Iíd advise to unplug and not use any electronic device, use cash at the store, close your bank accounts, save cash under your mattress, get rid of your utilities, and perhaps join the Amish crowd or the like because thatís pretty much what sheís saying in the end.
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    groze said: View Post
    I may be for privacy but she is going to extreme.

    There is the catch she is selling her email service and wants people to use her search engine.
    That's very observant of you, groze.
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    This is not the first conspiracy theorist thread that has been started here. It is probably not the 30th thread of its kind. I'm not going to belabor the idea that if just half of this is true, that Microsoft would not have been laying off people, they would be hiring them to deal with the sudden influx of data they would be receiving. I won't try to analyze the amount of server space that would be needed to store all of the World's data, emails, documents, pictures, voice recordings, Bank Account passwords, and video recordings that Microsoft is downloading.

    As for why does Microsoft not deny the claims of those who are making such outrageous claims. I would think that is pretty simple for anyone who has just a basic concept concept of PR. By responding to the claims of the tin foil hat society, they give credence to those making the claims. Once they make a response, they will be almost forced to respond to everyone who makes any accusation or asks what about this connecting to the internet and what about that connecting. They will be answering ridiculous claims for years to come. Otherwise, everyone would say 'They denied this but didn't deny anything else, so it must be true'.

    Just for a moment, let's assume the claims in the video were true. Microsoft is at this very moment downloading everything on your computer, recording everything you say and recording through your video camera, collecting all of your emails and sending it to their servers right now. Lets also assume, what we all know is true, at this very moment there are thousands of code experts, hackers, developers and conspiracy theorists combing over every line of code in Windows 10. Certainly no one doubts that is happening. If MSFT has coded Windows 10 to download and record what everyone accuses it of, the lines of code would have already been online by now. If Microsoft were to be factually caught with 'it's hand in the cookie jar', Microsoft would be bankrupted in very short order. But, for that to be the case, one would have to believe that Microsoft was pretty ignorant. Even I know every line of code is going to be analyzed on any OS. You can think what you will of Microsoft, but I seriously doubt anyone here is naÔve enough to call them ignorant. You don't get to be as big and successful as Microsoft by being ignorant. The last figures I recall seeing was that 92% of all desktop computers were running some version of Windows. Pretty successful, I think. And, they are willing to risk all of that success just to hear your pillow talk through the web cam in your bedroom computer. Get real!

    One more thing. This is a Windows 10 Forum, presumably with the overwhelming majority of members running Windows 10 in some shape, form or fashion. If you really believe all of this is happening, why are you here and why do you have such an intrusive operating system installed at all? If I believed half of the accusations made in this thread, Windows 10 would never see the inside of my house or business. Period! I have 5 computers in my house running Windows 10. So, enough of these conspiracy threads and lets get back to what we are supposedly here for. To help people who are wanting information or having problems with Windows 10, and quit trying to scare them off with baseless, unproven accusations. Until someone comes up with some concrete evidence, I would hope this would be the last conspiracy thread. Prove it.
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    She went to extreme. I don't believe her because she went to far if she is getting information from tech friends, I think she needs to find some new tech friends. However, there are some privacy concern. Have you searched google news about windows 10 spying? Some of these articles are from tech or well educated people. Are they all wrong?

    One article is providing a way to disable the privacy concerns and block windows update via registry.

    Let say Cortana does listen and record every word, the problem with that Cortana doesn't understand half the things you say. It gets garbled. They would have a bunch of useless data.

    I hate to disagree with you but Microsoft would have enough servers to store people's data. Example, hotmail (Now called outlook), one drive, activation servers, etc. What I am more concern with is the so-called key logger. A lot of articles agree with that.

    A good test will be coming up soon that will answer most these questions whether it is true or not true. When a hospitals and doctors start using windows 10.

    This doesn't mean I won't use 10. I won't use it as an everyday computer. For example access my back accounts online. I will either use windows 7 or another operating system.
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    I see that we approach this from different points of view. For me it's "innocent until proven guilty", it's the Tinfoil Hat Brigade who needs to present proof; Microsoft does not have to prove their innocence any more than they have already done. You seem to think that every paranoid theory is OK and does not have to be proven right, it's enough when someone voices it and then it's up to MS to prove it's not true.
    WHERE did I say in my comments that "every paranoid theory is OK"? I did not even say ONE paranoid theory is OK. What I said is that we should not attack the person making the claim with slurs, but instead, examine the evidence available.

    Microsoft has made it very clear why they collect the data:...
    Guess you missed the part where I said their reason for collecting is irrelevant. And, I also said the MS Defenders use the reason to excuse what MS is doing -- as you have clearly done.
    ... but they also specifically promise me they do not collect this data from any of my personal data, my documents, emails and such:...
    Where in their documents do they say they DO NOT collect this data? I don't see it. All they say is that they do not USE the data for Targeting Ads. If they did not have the data, they would not have to make such a statement.

    What they collect, how they collect it and why it's collected, all is explained.
    Actually, no -- they do not clearly indicate what, how, or why, all they indicated is what they are NOT going to do with it -- which is not the same.
    It is paranoid, even borderline sick to believe that Microsoft records everything you say in range of your PC microphone, that they spy you and your activities.
    More character slurs -- now folks are 'borderline sick" I presume you are a licensed mental health practitioner; otherwise, you could not make such claims.
    Your PC is not constantly "calling home"
    You don't KNOW that to be true, and it must be false to some degree, because if the PC was not "calling home" at all, MS could not be collecting any data -- and they admit that they are collecting data, including everything you tell Cortana. All I said is that we don't know when the voice data collection by Cortana begins -- when you first say "Hey, Cortana", or the whole time the mic is on. If there was a way to prove one way of the other, not just allegations, that would be worth investigating.
    , Microsoft does not have any interest in your personal documents, your mail messages, your Skype chats and so on.
    You're probably right -- but so what? I never claimed that MS has any interest in my information -- but it doesn't stop it from being collected.

    I think that if MS spying you is a big concern to you, your only option is not to use Windows.
    Actually, there IS an alternative -- to use one of the new anti-spy apps that are coming out to thwart data collection. Destroy Windows 10 Spying and O&O ShutUp 10 are two that I've heard of.
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    HippsieGypsie said: View Post
    Disclaimer: This is not intended to judge anyone's religious and/or spiritual beliefs. This is my observation with statement of the way I understand this particular topic.
    Actually, it's not -- a judgment of the TOPIC; instead, it is a judgment of the PERSON. You have made a strong case of labeling her a religious extremist, with the implication being that if any ONE thing she says is crazy, then everything she says must be crazy, too.

    I take a very different position: I look at the claims that are being made and examine each one. IF some are clearly ludicrous, I throw them out, but I still look at the others.

    Consider where you said
    If MS is doing what sheís claiming and stockholders and/or the stock exchange find it as fact, MS would collapse within months.
    That's the important part - find it as fact. MS is confident that, without inside knowledge and indisputable evidence, no one has a hope of "finding it as fact", so they can pretty much do as they please.

    Iím not going to get into how much server space, energy, and labor it would take to store even an eighth of what sheís claiming even though if it would be compressed.
    Have you even bothered to look into the storage capacities of some of the well-known online businesses? Amazon, for example, has over 450 THOUSAND servers storing over 40 PB (thats Petabytes) of data per MONTH. Facebook stores over 750TB per DAY. To put this in perspective, the entire Library of Congress can be stored in only 23 Terabytes of storage space. So, yes, with enough servers in enough locations, MS could store everything it takes in every day. And, they would only need to store it long enough to harvest the salient information -- by scanning the content. Are they doing this -- we simply do not know.
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