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    I just did select all on desktop and then right-click>properties to take over ownership ....... it did this ... but it saud files count was over 8,500 files.

    I can only see 60 top level files, and even the folders only have a small number of files.

    Is this normal, does the desktop have a huge number of hidden files ?
    Is there a way to rebuild the desktop file ... maybe that is corrupt
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    I have given you

    1. The means to disable EFS. I don't think you've used that.
    2. In my previous post is the answer to your question. (It's a desktop folder, not file). Note: I've never tried that myself.

    I don't know why you're seeing so many files. Depends what folders etc you have on your desktop.

    Taking ownership is something you should not be doing.


    1. Disable EFS. As given previously. See if that solves your padlock and encryption problem.

    2. Deleting and reinstating the desktop folder as I previously suggested is another possibility that may or may not help.

    3. Finally consider moving to a new account.
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    I am nervous of moving to new account, I have a lot of software linked to this PC ...... appreciate it's to an email address, but its a lot to go wrong.

    Is there a restore/rebuild function for Desktop or for Windows that does not lose installed applications ?
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    Why are you so reluctant to disable EFS?

    This is an account specific issue so general system repairs such as an in-place upgrade repair will not help.

    If you had either a disk image or a restore point that you knew were created before this happened you could try using those.
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    Only that I never enabled (knowingly) ..... I don't understand why it is enabled, or why it should not be enabled.

    I'm happy to try disabling it.

    However, I shied away from trying it .... as the first 2 comments on the tutorial

    #Encryption is the strongest protection that Windows provides to help you keep your individual files and folders secure.
    To disable would seem to weaken security

    # If you disable NTFS file encryption, any currently encrypted files will still remain encrypted.
    So as I have any encrypted files will I lose access to them ?

    Seems abit like ... you have problem with the brakes on your car, we will remove the brakes you no longer have the problem,., but car is inherenelty less safe.
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    Ok, you have that info in a tutorial I posted.
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    just added 2 Q's about tutorial in post above
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    This (again) is the tutorial about disabling EFS
    Enable or Disable NTFS File Encryption in Windows

    - I don't see any questions there from you.

    The idea of disabling it is to see if it helps with your problem.
    Most people don't use it anyway - so what do you think you'll lose?

    I did previously advise that you should decrypt files before disabling EFS.

    The idea is to try something so as to actually make some progress of some sort.
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    Found solution via Microsoft Comunity.

    In Elevated Command Prompt window .... change directory to get to:
    Then run: Attrib -s -r -h

    Exit command prompt window.
    File explorer navigate to Desktop, right-click and assume file ownership of Desktop

    It cleared all the padlock icons, and now any new downloads do not get padlock added
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    Thank you.

    Now consider what precautions you will take so you can deal with unexpected situations readily and quickly in the future.
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