Not even sure where to post this. A Dell Dimension n5050 laptop with i3 and 6gb memory. Upgraded from a fresh install of 7. works great until it is rebooted or a cold startup. I get a black screen with just a back light and no cursor. Now here's the weird part. If I press the power button which is set to sleep and let it go into full sleep then press the power button to wake it up I get the log in screen and it runs fine. I can set it to sleep and or hibernate with no issue. Only occurs from a cold start or reboot.

I have replaced the win 10 vid driver with the win 8 from dell and it still does it. I did a full removal of the old vid drivers in safe mode (that was a adventure in upon itself) then installed the seven drivers. The issue persists. I get no errors listed in any of the logs so I have pretty much ruled out Vid drivers.

I Did a clean install from usb following the instructions on here. Guess what? the issue persists. just not sure what to make of this. I passed all the hardware requirements and Dell said the win 10 driver built in for the Intel HD chip is fine so there are no 10 video drivers from them. So I have tried the original win 7 drivers from Dell, win 8 drivers from Dell and the 10 drivers from MS.

so long story short I am at a loss here, I cannot seem to find a hardware issue so it points to drivers? I don't know. Those here that know me know that I am quite competent and have very few issues I cannot resolve myself. This on is just an odd ball. I can understand and find black screen issues but this is not typical. Everything points to vid drivers. The issue is non-existent in 7 or 8 (did a test install of 8 to see).