I bought a Mac when in the early days when Win 3.1 was out, I gave it away to my best mate because I couldn't
do what I wanted to on the Mac machine.

Since then W95, 98, ME, Vista, 7, have increasingly been harder to set up what I want to do,
actually Vista was the best, I had no problems networking 4 machines with Vista,. W7 and 8.1, forget it,
now W10 is impossible, the process for getting up Control Panel, Settings, Manual Updates is so convoluted
it takes a lot of time to do. Thanks to Shawn for his great Tutorials but after 2 machines and 2 to go I have had enough.

I set up this PC for "Never Check" but I still get "Downloads need to be installed" or something like that.

I think my only option is Linux and a V Drive.

Very disappointed..