I'm not able to play Blu-Ray discs on my desktop computer

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    I'm not able to play Blu-Ray discs on my desktop computer

    Good day everyone,

    First of all I want to tell again that I'm new here.
    Please don't go to harsh on me if I'm forgetting to include anything that is important to help me solve my problem.

    It is a long story to tell, so please take your time to read carefully through all of this.

    The first time I wanted to use Blu-Ray discs to watch movies on my desktop computer, was when I realized that DVD discs. Which I did use very happily over the years and still used until recently, were outdated and I wanted to upgrade to a better quality.
    So I did purchase a Blu-Ray disc player on the internet that I could externally connect to my computer. And I thought that I just could be putting in those Blu-Ray discs and they would simply be playing like the DVD discs did with my computer.
    Apperently I was wrong, because the Blu-Ray discs couldn't be read by the player which I used. I used VLC Media Player.
    So I contacted my IT Company that I'm a customer of to help and solve the problem. I downloaded some files from VLC Media Player website, because there were some 'tweaks' needed to let the player play the Blu-Ray discs on my computer.
    But didn't work either.
    So I did contact my IT Company again.
    And after a long time, they did advice me the software PowerDVD to play my Blu-Ray discs.
    So I first downloaded the trial, it worked perfectly no problems whatsoever.
    But after purchasing the software.
    And using it again without problems for a short time period.
    A update popped up in a nice window in the right bottom corner of the screen.
    And as I had learned from watching a lot of video's such as The Pc Security Channel, I did upgrade the software just I was though to do by Cyberlink.
    From that moment, the problems and all the pain of solving them began.
    First of all I contacted customer support from Cyberlink, since I bought the software from them.
    So that was the first logical step.
    But I didn't came much further to a solution with that.
    Because I wasn't sure of some things they told me to do, I contacted my computer company once again to ask those things.
    And they said some of the things they told me to do would be even damaging my computer if I did them.
    So I didn't do them.
    Even after contacting my computer company again, the problem couldn't be solved then.
    Reïnstalling which the computer company suggested, didn't work. It didn't solved the problem.

    I'm wanting to solve this problem, because I'm wanting to watch the remaining Blu-Ray movies on disc I have on my computer. Because I'm enjoying this the most and it has the best screen quality.

    Help me please.
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    The Windows Store has numerous free Blu-ray player apps available. Why not try one of those instead?
    You may also find this Lifewire.com story of interest: "How to play Blu-rays on Windows 10." I use VLC to view Blu-rays from my external USB attached Asus BW-16D1X-U Blu-ray player myself.
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    I'm going to try these things first thing tomorrow, thank you for replying.
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    One thing: I hope that you're not trying to watch UHD Blu-ray (also known as 4k) disks on the PC.

    It's not impossible, but the hardware restrictions are severe.
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    Does the blu ray disc player have both a USB connection & a power connection or just a USB connection?
    If just USB then the drive may not be receiving enough power to play the discs.
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    @bobkn No, I'm not trying to play 4k Blu-Ray discs on my computer, just regular Blu-Ray discs.

    @Bastet The Blu-Ray player I'm using is from the brand 'Verbatim' and I purchased it from bol.com. The Blu-Ray player has just a USB-Connector. It has a converter included to the newest USB-Output. USB-3.1? Could that be? That smaller USB Port type of thing? It doesn't have individual power cable thingy. I didn't even know that was a thing.

    Now as I'm thinking about it, I'm pretty sure that the problem is with the software that has to play the Blu-Ray disc movie. I apologize for not giving this information right away, since there was so much about this topic I wanted to post. That I just didn't know where to start with.
    To be more specific about the problem, the playback of the Blu-Ray movie just did freeze randomly when the movie was playing.
    And I most of the time didn't get it to play again.
    Unless I did stop the movie, restart the movie and go to the part that was frozen and did not play further.
    When the movie after some time did play again, the screen quality of the movie was very bad and the movie play back was very slow. It just wasn't fun to watch it anymore.
    The software I used until then, was Cyberlink PowerDVD Pro.
    I'm now having so bad experiences with that company that I'm never wanting to do any bussiness with those guys ever again.
    I could try to get more detailed information about my system if that helps.
    But I just didn't get any further to solving the problem with the new information I got from here.
    To little time at the moment to do this.
    Maybe some other software does the job?

    Anyway, thanks for your replying and wanting to help me out.
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  7. Bastet's Avatar
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit

    Did the blu ray drive come with any software to burn &view discs? They usually do.
    Are you connecting the drive to USB 2 or USB 3 - USB 3 has a blue bar in the plug & the socket?
    Can you provide the full model or even a link to the drive?
    If the adapter is to change USB C to USB 3 then that may be the problem.
    How old is the Cyberlink program? I use WinDVD to play blu ray discs.
    The drive should’ve come with Nero.
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    On another note this is pretty cool too
    Custom firmware pack with LibreDrive patches - www.makemkv.com

    Might check this out for the original issue
    How To Restore UHD Playback In Latest Blu-Ray Drives | TechPowerUp Forums
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    Win 11 Pro 22000.282

    Not that it matters, but did the drive come with a USB-C cable plus a USB-C to USB-A adapter?

    There are certainly external drives that don't require power other than that available through the single USB cable. I got one for a friend a while back. It was a Pioneer unit, capable of writing 100 GB BDs, including M-Discs.

    I'm not sure what software to recommend. I tried the Leawo program (free), but it didn't run very smoothly on my PC.

    The problem with blu-ray disks is that most are copy protected (HDCP). There may be some licensing considerations.

    PowerDVD is distributed with some drives. The versions I've received have sometimes been somewhat crippled, I suppose to get you to upgrade to the paid version.

    There are less expensive paid software, if you want to go that way.
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    Here ya go, it`s free and works fine. Wait a minute I`m checking to see if it still works. Yes, it plays my Blu-ray of Close Encounters no problem.

    Best Free Blu-ray Player Software for Windows - Leawo Blu-ray Player

    Personally, I use Cyberlink PowerDVD

    The days of getting software with the player are over.
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