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Sorry for necroposting, but I noticed that the solution/cause for this happening was never posted. The cause for this is pressing WIN+F. This opens the feedback hub as well as creating a new screenshot in the pictures folder.
It was Win + ? at the time, as I think I mentioned earlier in the thread.

The change in keyboard shortcuts to Win + F was only made in a Windows version in June 2016, which was after this thread.
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blog post said:
New keyboard shortcut for Feedback Hub on PC: We love getting your feedback, and want to make it even easier for you to get into Feedback Hub on PC builds. To capture a screenshot and launch Feedback Hub please use they keyboard shortcut Windows key + F. This opens Feedback Hub and attaches a screenshot of your PC (you can review and remove this before you submit). The old PC keyboard shortcut of Windows key + SHIFT + ? will stop working because of this change.