Shopping for a new Laptop: Suggestions on Manufacturers? HP or Dell?

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    bobkn said:
    There are many used Windows 10 laptops on eBay for $150 or less. As long as future Windows 11 support isn't required.
    Why do people keep bringing up Windows 11? Windows 10 support doesn't end until October 2025. Since the OP only has a $150 budget and is only requiring Windows 10 that should all that matters.

    BTW, none of my four computers will work with Windows 11. Two have AMD Ryzen CPUs (Ryzen 1700X & 2700U). Only Ryzen 3000 series and higher are Windows 11 compatible.
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    Jesse Williams said:
    I am in the market for a new Laptop with Windows 10
    SIW2 said:
    second hand 8th gen / 2nd series ryzen laptops.
    bobkn said:
    There are many used Windows 10 laptops on eBay for $150 or less.
    If I understand correctly, the OP wants a new one rather than a second-hand or used one.
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    I see new laptops on Ebay for about $150. I wouldn't recommend anyone buy any of them. One even said it had an SSD. The problem is these are probably very cheaply made low end computers.

    Another gotcha is I have seen some listings in the past that are at best misleading or worst downright lying about the specs. Some people say a computer either has a hard drive or an SSD when it doesn't. Some of these laptops for storage either have an eMMC or microSD or both. It is a giveaway when the storage is either 32GB or 64GB.

    An eMMC is a chip with flash memory soldered to the motherboard. It is not upgradable. I have seen posts by people that wanted help because Windows 10 failed its regular spring or fall update. Their was nothing that could be done because their HP Stream laptop only had a 32GB eMMC. There was only a few gigabytes free on it which wasn't enough to update Windows 10. Their best bet was to do a factory rest of Windows 10 which would get them by until the next update.

    A microSD is a memory card just like many cell phones use. A few years ago a family member brought me their new $150 Walmart laptop they were having problems with. For storage it had a 32GB microSD. They eventually dumped it and bought a real laptop.

    A few years ago the new low end laptops (some with eMMC and microSD) could be purchased for about $200. Better laptops were $300-400 or more. Last time I checked the low end laptops were going for $300-$400. You could buy something OK for $400 but you had to check the specs carefully to make sure it really wasn't an overpriced low end one.

    I am saying all this not to discourage anyone looking for a low cost laptop. A person just has to be careful what they are buying or they will regret what they bought. This goes for both new and used laptops. That is especially true for someone with limited money because they are stuck with whatever they bought.
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    Hello @Jesse Williams,

    I do NOT know if you have acquired a Laptop since your first post as there are 20+ replies to your question. If you have, then please tell us what you ended up doing and mark this thread as Solved.

    Another couple of options is to try and source one from family or friends if you know that they will be getting a new one in the not too distant future.

    I hope this helps.
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    Matthew Wai said:
    If I understand correctly, the OP wants a new one rather than a second-hand or used one.
    That's what he posted, if taken literally. I hope that isn't the case.

    If he wants a new one for $150, that will probably give a netbook, not a laptop. A netbook tends to have limited RAM, eMMC storage, and little or no upgradeability.

    If he just wants a laptop that's new to him, there are many at that price and below.

    If he wants a used laptop that meets the currently stated Windows 11 requirements, that'll be a problem, too. I don't expect that.

    Maybe he'll clarify, but, so far, there's just the original post.
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    Windows 10 Home and Pro End of Support on October 14, 2025
    Windows 10 Home and Pro End of Support on October 14, 2025

    It might be a good idea to purchase a Windows 10 laptop that will meet the requirements for the free upgrade to Windows 11 unless you want to continue using the purchased Windows 10 laptop beyond end of support.
    --- Naturally there’s more to be said based on your decision.

    According to your specs, you have an HP 550-153w desktop.
    --- Can you use that one in the meantime?
    --- Same concept here also, continuing to use it beyond end of support.
    The Intel Core i3 4170 @ 3.70GHz - Haswell 22nm Technology is a 4th generation CPU and isn’t compatible with Windows 11.
    Intel(R) Core™ i3-4170 Processor (3M Cache, 3.70 GHz)
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    I generally advise against the home/small business laptops ... or any laptop that lists for under $1000. They tend to be junk.
    When you buy junk it breaks ... and then you buy junk again ... and it breaks.
    But with the over-$1000 business laptops you get better construction and longer life.

    I was going to suggest Lenovo. Mine is 7 years old and works perfectly. Can't say the same for the Dells and HPs that I've owned.

    But for $150 you can't get anything ... not if you buy new.
    If you buy cheap you're just throwing your money away.
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    Jesse Williams said:
    ...I can't spend no more than $150 as that's what I paid for my Laptop that got messed up.
    So, HP, Dell, or Lenovo?

    That is a really tight budget, almost certainly meaning you'd have to go for a used machine. Beware, eBay can be a minefield for the unwary, too many crooks out there trying to fleece you.

    Here in the UK my 'supplier of choice' is Cash Converters, a pawn shop chain with an online shop and a 14-day 'no questions asked' returns policy. $150 is about £107, and at that price range there are very few suitable HPs available. Steer clear of the Stream models, they often have soldered in eMMC drives, typically no larger than 64GB (some were 32GB).

    I can find some reasonably acceptable machines available in that price range though, such as this HP Pavilion Laptop - 8GB Ram 1TB HDD AMD A8 With Charger - £109.99. Unfortunately it's for UK delivery only, so doesn't really help you
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    I thinking salvation army store.
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    Update: I tried one more time to turn on my Laptop, and now it is working again. When I powered it up, it said something about the CMOS needing to be reset which requires a reboot. So I rebooted it, and it powered up and all is working now. But now, it is just the keyboard that is going to need repair. Because the keys are sticking.
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