So Very Disappointed With Win 10

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    Windows 8.1, Win10Pro

    LeeB said:
    Well nuts I am so confused at this point I am not sure what to do..... All I really want is go go back the Win 7 and have my HP Laptop work like it did on August 28th.......
    Thanks for your help....... (I think) LoL LoL lol
    Sorry to tell you this, but if your HP laptop got corrupted by the Win10 installer to the same degree that mine did, it could very well be that the ONLY way you'll get back to Win7 is to order Recovery Media from HP. That is a set of DVDs and a CD that will erase your hard drive and restore the laptop to the state it was in when you first unpacked it. Needless to say, you will need to save off any files that you want to keep, and locate the install media for any non-HP applications you want to reinstall.
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    Windows 10

    I have one HP Laptop it came with Win7Pro but also a bunch of special HP software, that caused nothing but problems.
    After removing that HP assistance that kept poping up, and a bunch of other junk programs they installed it was a different computer.
    It's a backup system today and it won't be getting Win10.
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    Windows 10, 64 bit

    I have a home built computer with an ASUS motherboard and a HP DV7-1270us laptop. The HP laptop originally came with Vista but I upgraded it to Windows 7. The home built computer also had Windows 7. Both were upgraded to Windows 10 64 bit with minimal problems. I am very happy using Windows 10 and have no regrets using Windows 10.
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    Microsoft Windows 10 Home Edition

    Because in some cases is not working properly, for example, in my case is not working properly, I have some problems like after the Upgrade my Laptop never goes off and I needed to press the Power Key to turn it off; but I solve the problem already...


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    Windows 7

    CountMike said:
    I would like to hear about your point !
    My point was not self explanatory enough? If you want I'll go off on a rant about how inefficient W10 is for me by comparison to W7. I'm not just upgrading because the number is higher and it's teh latest thing. I boot at 10 seconds atm, you really think I pined for months about booting at a few seconds less?

    I need a reason and W10 doesn't give me one.
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    Windows 10

    LT2000 said:
    Yeah, "upgrading" with MS is always a scary proposal. It is not for the faint of heart. I took a chance and got lucky, but I did it because I was upgrading hard drives anyway and still have Win7 on my old HD.

    Do the automatic updates scare anyone? I know you can schedule a restart (which I have set) but I guess I like to control the updates too. I usually like to have critical backups before updates, just in case. With the Win 10 approach, there is no such thing.
    The update thing really bothers me. I liked controlling what updates i installed. With 10 you don't see whats being installed and have little control over it.
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    dual boot win10/win7

    Mark Phelps said:
    Not true. Guess you missed the part where the OP said

    The OP is complaining because the Win10 upgrade corrupted his machine such that now, he can not go back to Win7. That sounds like a problem resulting from the Win10 upgrade to me!
    Again -- NOT true! The OP did not choose to corrupt his machine, rendering Win7 unusable. The Win10 Upgrade tool chose to do that -- TO the OP's machine.

    Once again -- it is NOT reasonable for folks to expect that the MS upgrade is going to corrupt their machine, making it unusable. And before anyone says this is NOT happening, it DID -- to the OP. And it did, to my machine, as well. And it has also done that to hundreds of folks that have posted to the HP Support forums about their problems over the last several weeks.

    So, once again, I join in with the few others on this forum and say that we need to stop bashing folks who come here for help.
    I agree. MS pushed this upgrade through updates by adding the upgrade button on every win7/8 that accepted all automatic updates. I posted to the MS forum about there being no OEM builds before the release. At least then there would be 1st line manufacturer support of some kind, and warranties.

    As far as "backing up," if SHTF, then you need an image or a reformat. I think that is not cool. Windows has never provided intuitive tools for these procedures. I have had to fix so many "dynamic" partitions. And recovery partitions are nuked, or changed to logical = useless.

    For the OP: Contact HP and order recovery media to get back to win 7. This link will lead to HP software that will show PC model and serial# etc.
    If not, check under the battery for info.
    The trips and things is something I vaguely remember transferring from one win 7 laptop to another win7 laptop for my parents.. It was tricky, I think there is some device (usb) that needs a driver, I'll try to look into it.
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    windows 10

    Although I don't profess to be an expert, I've been using Computers ever since the dawn of the internet and after buying my first one, I started building my own.

    Along the way I made mistakes and never used to 'back up' anything but now I 'back up' everything every single time.

    As such I am no stranger to doing 'clean installs' So when I decided to take advantage of the Free Upgrade to Win 10.

    After Backing up all my Files (which I do as a matter of course) I formatted my HD and then put on a Clean Copy of Windows 7, with nothing on it at all except for the LAN.

    Then I burned an ISO DVD of Windows 10 and put that on.

    Lots of problems to Start with, which turned out to be caused by an Update of my Display driver, rather than anything wrong with Windows 10.

    Mouse freeze/Screen freeze/Crashing & Rebooting.

    So instead of trying to fix it, I did another Clean Install of Windows 7 and then used the ISO I burned of Windows 10 only this time making sure that I turned off any Updates for my display driver, which again were nothing to do with Windows 10.

    In the beginning Updates for Windows 10 were coming thick and fast, which I'm sure may have unnerved some users, as sometimes the Screen would just go 'Black' or just hang for what seemed like forever, which almost had me reaching for the reset button.

    But you just need to take a 'leap of faith' and hang in there.

    As a result Windows 10 runs perfect on my Computer, with no problems whatsoever.

    You don't have to look at all those tiles with Apps all over the place, you can just turn them off, or else pin the ones you want to the Start or the Taskbar.

    Its very easy to Customize just the way you want and although I've always used Firefox, I am more than happy with Edge which is lightning fast.

    So would I go back to Windows 7 only when hell freezes over.
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    Windows 7 (reverted back)

    Cyberdesigner said:
    You don't have to look at all those tiles with Apps all over the place, you can just turn them off, or else pin the ones you want to the Start or the Taskbar.

    Its very easy to Customize just the way you want and although I've always used Firefox, I am more than happy with Edge which is lightning fast.

    I do agree on the new Edge browser
    I am unhappy with my "start" menu expect for the progams that you use most that you can put (as mini tiles) next to it, that's great.
    I prefer (must be caused by habit) the standard start menu, but would like the combination with the "most used" tiles that I can drag and drop in different categories myself:

    So Very Disappointed With Win 10-start-menu-sample.jpg
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    Win11 Pro, Win10 Pro N, Win10 Home, Windows 8.1 Pro, Ubuntu

    People you need to stop "hijacking this thread". Are Bunny J, Superfly, and me the only ones trying to help? Your comments and gripes over 10 are just adding to the confusion of the OP, and making this thread hard to follow(even for me), they also create unnecessary notification for the helpers. If you have nothing constructive to add in helping, please refrain from commenting(this should be obvious, in help threads).
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