So Very Disappointed With Win 10

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    CountMike said:
    If OP just stated his problem instead of starting with a rant, he would get much better response. Like this it comes across as everybody using W10 (or whatever) is an idiot.
    One has to take it into the context of his frustration.

    jimbo45 said:
    Hi there

    Still can't believe "Rollback" doesn't work. !!!!

    Of COURSE it does had you taken a BACKUP of the system FIRST, then did your upgrade, then RESTORE back again.

    In fact in this situation I'd have also taken a backup of the W10 system for later use if the features you want have been fixed / added --would save the upgrade process from having to be done again.

    Using Windows.Old to restore the old OS doesn't always work.

    I said Rollback does not ALWAYS work! - It didn't directly after my initial upgrade. As for windows.old, I mentioned key retrieval.

    Cliff S said:
    Thanks for popping in Craig:). Like I said before, your tool is going to be very useful during the upgrades.... specially in cases like these where after the specified time the chance to revert is gone.
    Thanx Cliff...
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    Thanks so much... Yes I am frustrated with Win 10 and No Old Dummy me did not back up MY BAD.. I am not upset that people BASHED me I deserve it for not backing everything up....

    I do appreciate people trying to help me in my dilemma. I just woke up (I am on the west coast) and have read the entire thread. Please remember that I am on vacation.

    I discovered that I did bring my external drive which I believe is 1tb...... All I really want is to back up my pictures and my Office 2003 and one program 2010 Streets and Trips.... I don't game or have any music on here or anything super important If this is something I can do sitting here in my Motor Home I will......

    Can someone tell me how I can back-up (from Win 10) the above to my external Hard Drive and help me reinstall Win 7 I will forever be in your debt.... I am not oppose to doing a remote if need be. Just Pleae remember I am a novice and I need the answer's in Layman's terms....... Thank You so much LeeB.... I have a couple thing to take care of few the 1/2 hours or so but I'll be back

    When I return I will re-read and try some of your suggestions along with Trying to back up Stuff...... Again thanks
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    Windows 10 Pro

    I wasn't saying what I said to bash anyone. I was responding the way I did because the rant said nothing about the problems, and everything complained about were things that were related to choices made, not the issues with Windows 10 itself.
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    To backup all your libraries just create the appropriate folder name on your external HDD, so later you know what's in it, and mark the things(either turn on item check boxes or use your mouse and left-click-swipe till its all blue), and use "copy to" in file explorers ribbon. I don't know about the programs though, maybe in user folder app data?
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    Programs are going to be a problem, you would have to find registrations for them and install them from the beginning. You can't just copy them to new windows installation.
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    CountMike said:
    Programs are going to be a problem, you would have to find registrations for them and install them from the beginning. You can't just copy them to new windows installation.
    If they have a desktop .INI file they can be used after downloading on the "new" OS.
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    I have my HD plugged and I am going to back up my pictures right now....... Darn I do not have the programs with me (Office 2003 and 2010 Streets and Trips) and we will not be home until November. Yes we are traveling all around the US clockwise and we are in Oregon right now.....

    If someone could teach me how to Download my Photos into my folder the way it did with Win 7 it would help. I used to be able to plug in the Memory Card and a box would come up and ask me to name it and then it would download to the folder with the name and date, right now I have to go to This PC and find the drive and open it that way....... I can find the folder (on my computer) and it looks the same, but DL is a pain because I have to open the card and copy the pictures and transfer them to the Old Win 7 looking folder.....

    To answer Mystere
    One of my MAIN complaints is it takes so long to load when ever my laptop goes to sleep or when I turn it on..
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    Cliff S said:
    If they have a desktop .INI file they can be used after downloading on the "new" OS.
    Me being a Novice (who is 65) and know just enough to be dangerous. I have no idea what a .INI file is or where to even look for it...
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    stealth2920 said:
    Just use the backup image you made of Win 7.
    OK that's interesting I think I saw on my Back-up Hard Drive something that said (Backup image) dated 2013..... But I cant get to it right now because I am backing up my 15,000 pictures and it is going to take at least 40 more minutes..... Hmmmmmmm
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    Windows 10

    LT2000 said:
    I am liking Win 10 and coming from 7. Why are people thinking it is a downgrade?
    From my perspective, Windows 10 is a downgrade from 7, but 7 was a downgrade from XP. The main thing that irritated me about 7 was the loss of direct access to the fundamental tabbed settings boxes. Starting in 7 (or did it start with Vista?) they often put "wizard"-type pages between you and the settings boxes, and it is worse than ever in Windows 10. One example is the should-be-simple act of manually synch'ing your clock with an internet time server. In XP, you double-clicked the clock display in your system tray, which directly brought up the tabbed settings box:

    Then you clicked the "Internet Time" tab and the "Update Now" button:

    As for Windows 10:

    1. Double-click the clock display in your system tray.
    2. Click the "Date and time settings" link.
    3. Click the "Additional date, time, and regional settings" link.
    4. Click the "Set the time and date" link.

    After step 4 we are finally at the actual tabbed settings box which XP (and 2000, and so on) brought up after step 1, but even then, there is one additional step after you click the "Internet Time" tab (the "Update Now" button isn't there, you have to click the "Change settings" button to bring it up).

    There are countless examples of crap like this. Windows has become like those automated customer service phone systems where you have to press a number to select such and such from a list of options, and then press another number to select such and such, and so on, about forty-eleven times, before you can actually speak to a human. Windows XP was like the old days, when a human always answered the phone directly.

    Then there is the reduced functionality. For example, previous versions of Windows had settings in the UI for changing the default UI font. To do this in Windows 10, you have to hack the registry. In previous versions of Windows on things where you had an option to change the color of something (such as the desktop background), you could specify any possible color (out of 16,581,375 possible colors) by directly inputting the RGB values:

    In Windows 10, you have a whopping 24 pre-selected color options:

    Then there is the Start menu, which they screwed up in Vista by not having an option for a flyout menu for "All Programs", which continued with Windows 7. But the Start menu was still halfway decent in those versions of Windows; at least you could still pin program shortcuts to the left side of the menu. In Windows 10, they screwed the Start menu up royally (which, fortunately, can be fixed by installing a third-party program called "Classic Shell"), i.e., no option to pin program shortcuts to the left side of the menu, and the method to see the "All Programs" list is even worse than in Vista and 7. You have to click "All apps" ("Apps" being the "hip" new word I guess), which takes you to a different "page" of the wannabe Start menu, and then have a long list to scroll through because those asinine "tile" icons are taking up way too much space.

    I could go on, but I'll stop there for now.

    Flax Seed said:
    I loved how instead of being able to list the programs I frequently use efficiently above right above the start menu for fast access I now had the option to move my mouse up and right a bit into ugly tiles playpen instead which could only be solved by 3rd party software. Forward thinking indeed.

    Can't wait for the down, down right, right, hard punch to launch a program update :S
    Last edited by MaximRecoil; 22 Aug 2015 at 12:37.
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