I've been having this problem recently (after the last update?) where alt+tabbing to the Windows Mail application selects the "Format" button in the menu instead of the email I was writing. Eg: I'm writing an email on mail, I alt+tab to notepad, copy text, alt+tab back to Mail - you'd expect the cursor to be where I left it while composing the email, but instead, I get the "Format" tab in the top ribbon selected.

This is inconvenient, because now I need to use my mouse to click in the compose section and continue writing. Especially annoying when I need to hop to and fro from several apps to collect information. Weirdly enough, once on the "Format" tab, hitting the tab key just cycles between the different tabs (Format, Insert, Draw, Options) and I can never get the cursor down to the compose section using just the keyboard.

I'm attaching a screenshot of what it looks like when I alt+tab back to Mail. Any help appreciated! Thank you!

Mail version: Version 16005.13426.20920.0
My Windows version: 21H1 build 19043.1110

Alt+Tabbing to Mail app selects ribbon instead of the email text-mail-alttab-snip.jpg