After rolling back my laptop from 10 to 8.1 over a week ago and did this weeks Windows 8.1 update, I cleaned up the Hard drive of all unnecessary files and ensured that my Settings did not permit Synchronization.

Today, I had to use my Mobile Broadband connection which had a Data Limit remaining of 0.4Gb. Plenty left for a 30 minute Internet session....or so I thought!

I just happened to run CCleaner and noticed that over 360 mb of Windows Log Files had been accumulated within 3 minutes of switching my laptop on.

Before I downloaded Windows 10, Windows Log Files were never anywhere near as large as this time.

Can anyone please give me an explanation as to why Microsoft is now gathering every keystroke and website visited?

Is this a data collection now part of Windows 8.1 or a 'glitch hangover' remaining after downloading 10?

Either way, it would cost me a fortune in Mobile Broadband fees if these Files were uploaded to Microsoft if I use my laptop any place other than at my home network.

Ps. Since writing the above, my Windows Log Files have increased up 0.6mb!!!!!