Differences between Logons in Event History

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    Differences between Logons in Event History

    My monitor was waking up at random intervals.
    By using a camera in the room, I recorded the times that the monitor wakes up and compared the events in Event History.
    I realized that the wake up times corresponded to Logons in Windows Logs - Security Events.
    There were other Logons and Special Logons which did not wake the system up, but some of these were waking the monitor up for some reason.
    I did not see any difference in the Logon information that did not wake the system up, and did wake the system up.

    	Security ID:		SYSTEM
    	Account Name:		"""Computer Name"""
    	Account Domain:		"""Domain Name"""
    	Logon ID:		0x3E7
    Logon Information:
    	Logon Type:		5
    	Restricted Admin Mode:	-
    	Virtual Account:		No
    	Elevated Token:		Yes
    Impersonation Level:		Impersonation
    New Logon:
    	Security ID:		SYSTEM
    	Account Name:		SYSTEM
    	Account Domain:		NT AUTHORITY
    	Logon ID:		0x3E7
    	Linked Logon ID:		0x0
    	Network Account Name:	-
    	Network Account Domain:	-
    	Logon GUID:		{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}
    Process Information:
    	Process ID:		0x230
    	Process Name:		C:\Windows\System32\services.exe
    Network Information:
    	Workstation Name:	-
    	Source Network Address:	-
    	Source Port:		-
    Detailed Authentication Information:
    	Logon Process:		Advapi  
    	Authentication Package:	Negotiate
    	Transited Services:	-
    	Package Name (NTLM only):	-
    	Key Length:		0
    Why are some logons waking up my system and some others are not?
    How can I make sure that my system is secure and no one is seeing my monitor?
    (For example, Teamviewer is installed on my computer, but it is to see other computers, not this one. This one has no random password on it, it is disabled. There is nothing in teamviewer logs, or in Event History logs).

    How can I find out which process is waking up the computer?
    Is there any good network monitor that can log every in/out connection to the computer?
    (I tried Network Limiter, unfortunately, it does only show current connections, not the ips of past connections. I need a network monitor, that can show me the ip addresses (and machine addresses if possible) in a certain time period I specify. )

    As an extra information, I checked and compared all of the logs in the Event History, and nothing matched up except some Logons.

    I checked the system with Windows and third party tools, nothing found.
    Only programs installed on the computer are known programs, such as TeamViewer.
    I am just not able to figure out why some Logons are waking the computer up.
    And I am not able to find a network monitor that can show me past connections with ip addresses.

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    Hi, from the huge Tutorial section - which you're free to browse and search- start with

    See Wake Source in Windows 10

    This tutorial will show you how to see the wake source of what woke up your Windows 10 PC from a sleep or hibernate state.
    How to Enable or Disable Wake on LAN (WOL) in Windows 10
    Add or Remove Allow wake timers to Power Options in Windows 10
    See Devices able to Wake Computer in Windows 10
    Enable or Disable Automatic Maintenance Wake Up Computer in Windows 10

    - these last may be of interest given what you find by using the first.

    My monitor was waking up at random intervals.
    To clarify- just your monitor- or Windows?

    Have you also considered using the power button on your monitor at night, assuming there is one? (Greener to switch devices off).

    IP address log:
    TcpLogView - Creates TCP connections log
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    Are the logins waking up the computer OR are the logins merely part of the wakeup processes that have been initiated by something else?

    Have you looked at the relevant time periods in chronological order to identify the sequence in which things happen?
    NirSoft's FullEventLogView is handy for this.

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    I need to make the checks again when I have time.
    Hopefully, I will return with positive results.
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