Windows 9 to users: I'm listening

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    Windows 9 to users: I'm listening

    The Windows 9 public preview coming at the end of the month is going to ask for feedback almost to the point of annoyance.

    The comedy "Frasier," set in Seattle, Washington, featured a radio psychiatrist who said to every caller "I'm listening."
    That seems to be the motto of the upcoming Windows 9 preview, expected on September 30. It will ask for feedback almost to the point of pestering you, according to a report from Neowin. Microsoft wants to collect all sorts of input from the users on everything. The feedback center will ask users about everything they like, don't like, which features should be changed, added or removed, and anything else.

    This comes in stark contrast to the tone deafness of the Sinofsky era, in which the OS was vilified from the day its public beta came out and Sinofsky would neither hear of it nor change course. That's why he's enjoying early retirement. Roger Kay of Endpoint Technologies once told me he never met anyone so contemptuous of user feedback. "Sinofsky was totally dismissive and just wouldn't listen to anybody," he said to me.
    Clearly, this is more of an enterprise play than a consumer play, because it was the enterprise that really rejected Windows 8 in a big way, continuing to buy machines with Windows 7. The surveys are said to be large windows and cover a wide range of topics. Judging by the great detail it had, Neowin has a really good source. Or someone lied to them big time.
    One window is said to read, "Please share your feedback with Microsoft about Searching." Anything related to your search experience can be entered into this box. After you answer that, new follow-up questions appear. Microsoft will use the feedback over the course of the beta.
    Unlike Windows 7 and 8, there will be multiple updates to Windows 9. Windows 7 and 8 both featured a public beta test version, but then nothing was seen again until Release Candidate code months later. Windows 9 will apparently feature notable updates through its beta cycle.
    Microsoft does seem to be much more responsive under both CEO Satya Nadella and Windows chief Terry Myerson. I hope all of the above is true because a) I don't want to use Windows 7 forever like I did with XP and b) Microsoft can't afford to blow it again with its operating system.

    that's going to be a lot of feedback that needs reading, I quite like the idea that the people who buy the product may now have just got one cheek eased into the driving seat and may even be used as a valuable tool in the making of a product, looking forward to it.
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    wakadoo said:

    The Windows 9 public preview coming at the end of the month is going to ask for feedback almost to the point of annoyance.

    A link to the above story
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    Two ways for a product to succeed, give what market wants/needs or create market for your product. MS actually created a market for their OSes since market was already "brewing" for an OS not tied to HW manufacturers. Since then all they had to do is maintain need for their OS by keeping it open to SW developers. Only a totally free OS could now make a dent in OS market but would have to be very much better than anything current even if Win9 flops which is highly unlikely. Even if MS disappeared right now, it would take many years to completely disappear from computers.
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    wakadoo said:
    Windows 9 to users: I'm listening
    Well then, we have reason to be hopeful. Clearly there will be things that the great unwashed masses will not like. Will they really listen to them...??? Man, I really hope so.

    Mind you, I suppose that so long as they don't eliminate the capacity to modify it to users tastes, much like is now possible with 8/8.1, they likely can't go wrong. Much as I despise tifkam, I am perfectly happy with my 8.1 once I have eliminated the annoyances from it...

    Of course, I slightly modded win7 too, keeping the task bar from xp, which I do to this day. I guess I'm a "don't fix it if it ain't broken" kinda guy...
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    Remember how Windows 7 was my idea?...

    Same concept here with 9.

    It might have been true about Sinofsky being like that as I remember all the blog posts on Building Windows after the Developer Preview was launched and his response to negative feedback. He just retorted and explained the whole thinking of the Start Screen. Having a giant list similar to xp's start menu is just no way to use Windows, and he did give good reasons as to why that is such, like the heat maps how the lower left portion of Start is the most easily accessed part of the screen, the expandability of Start where the bigger the screen you have, the bigger the Start Screen is and the more tiles you have. The start menu did none of that.

    Shoot, I'm waiting for the day now where someone figures out how to get the menu portion in 9 to work alongside a full Start Screen. It's just what people have been used to for so long.
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