I know it's been a well since someone posted to this, but I installed Windows 10 Pro full retail on my desktop. Then the Ann. Update would not install at all last year, just like for many people. Over a month ago, in early Jan. 2017, update version 10.0.14393 tried to install, and this time it did work. But most of the links in Start-Right-Click Menu would not work. but if I search for them in Cortana the Cortana links would work for me, so the system programs would function, just not the Right-Click menu links.

I recently took time to try all kinds of recommended fix-it things, SFC, PowerShell commands, other tips from MicroSoft including their menu fix-it that found no errors. Then I read this post above for Nirsoft ShellExView! THANK YOU, THANK YOU! It's just what I needed to solve the problem! For starters, I only went and disabled halfway down the list, all the non-Microsoft shell extensions. And you don't have to do one at a time either in this app, you can highlight several then disable them. Directions above said to close and reopen file explorer, the quickest way is click the start/window then your user Icon and just "Sign-Out", then click the screen so your User shows and sign-back in. Wait a minute and then try the Right-Click on the Windows Menu, and I found all my menu options were back! So, already I knew, something I disabled in the first half was the problem. So, I reopened ShellExView and enabled a section of 10-12 at a time. Then closed the program, and Sign-Out my user, Sign-In again, wait a minute and try my Right-Click menu again. First view times my menu was still working. Then the next section I did that with, my menu did not work again. So, I re-disabled that section, and continued on the rest of the sections that I had still disabled. Which narrowed that down to 10 items in that one section. I started with enabling half of those, with each time Sign-Out then Sign-in, wait a minute and try my Right-Click menu again. And I with more tries, I narrowed down my problem to "Express Zip File Compression". I wonder if this was causing a problem because I am a WinZip user? But, I left that disabled and now my Windows Right-Click menu links are working again. I hope this helps someone else like it helped me. Again Thanks for the tip! I was just what I needed!!