Access denied to new drive after clone

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    Windows 10

    Access denied to new drive after clone

    I am new to Windows 10
    I am logged in as Administrator.
    I recently got a new Dell 8940 desktop with a 256GB NVMe drive (C:) and a 1T HDD.(D:)
    I have successfully added all my personal data to the D: drive and plan on only adding required program files to C:
    I also added a 500GB SSD for backups of cloning and System Imaging.
    I partitioned it and called it Drive F: and Drive G: and wanted to do a weekly clone of my C: drive to it.

    I used EaseUS TODO Backup to clone my C: drive to drive F:
    I am now denied access to F: drive and can't even format it.
    Although all other files and folders on the computer have a security tab enabled, this new drive does not.
    In the registry, I set the value to zero for enabling security tab but it still isn't available for this drive.
    I have have been cloning my C: drive on Windows 7 for years without an issue.
    My questions are,
    1. How can I format this new SSD drive and start over?
    2. How can I clone my C: drive to another drive that I can have access to and boot from?
    Any help is appreciated
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    Windows 11 Pro 64 Bit 21H2

    Press the Windows key+X and choose Disk Management. Please attach a screenshot of here including the lower pane.
    You can right click and Delete F: Partition making it Unallocated Space.
    Create a bootable Rescue USB Flash drive of Easeus. Go to the toolbar/Tool/Create WinPE Bootable Disk.
    Boot off of the USB Flash drive, choose to make a clone of the drive that has C: on it (Source Drive) including all the small hidden partitions. Clone it to the Unallocated Space that was F: (Destination drive) and it should make a mirror copy of the C: drive to that partition. It may delete the G: drive in the process, so backup that partition to another drive before attempting.
    When you restart, boot into Setup (Bios) go to the Boot tab, make sure C: is the first boot device, move F: to the lowest boot device or remove it from Boot all together. Save and Exit
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    windows 10

    If you clone a drive and leave it it then you have 2 drives the same with the same disk signature so windows can tell the difference and oftern locks on
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    Windows 10
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    Access denied to new drive after clone-screenshot-1-.png

    Spunk and Samuria,
    Thank you for your thoughtful replies.
    As you can see, Disk 1 only has a grayed out pop up menu on the partition that still has the C: drive clone.
    I'm not able to do anything to it.
    I was able to format the other partition without a problem.

    I hadn't considered that I couldn't have two bootable drives at the same time.
    That's what I was use to in Windows 7.
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    Windows 11 Pro 64 Bit 21H2

    You can use a 3rd party Partition app like Minitool Partition Master, Easeus or Aoemi to achieve your goal.
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    Windows 10
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    I have a paid version of Easeus TODO Backup but don't see and option that will allow me to reformat the drive.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Do you think I would be able to format it if I took it out of this computer and put it in my Windows 7 computer?
    Is this a Windows 10 thing?
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    trying to install win10

    Looks like it might be using disk1 partition1 as system partition, which is why you have no options in diskmgmt.

    Try swapping the sata connectors for disk1 and disk2
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    This is a brand new computer. It came this way with the OS on a 256GB NVMe on Disk 2 and a HDD on Disk 0
    There was an empty place with a sata cable and power, so I added the SSD which showed up on Disk 1
    Isn't the Operating System supposed to be on Disk 0?
    Dell set it up this way.
    I feel like I'm really in the weeds now.
    All I wanted to do was to do was make a clone of the C drive so I would have a bootable drive if things went wrong.
    This is so much more complicated than good old Windows 7.
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    Windows 11 Pro 64 Bit 21H2

    The NVME drive should be the Windows OS drive because it is the fastest because it is plugged directly into the Motherboard without any cables. The Disk # isn't that important.
    As for Disk 1, you can't format Unallocated Space, you have to create a Partition, then you can format it. If you want to Delete the EFI System Partition, Download Easeus Partition Master (different then Easeus Todo Backup) select that drive and that partition, right click it and Delete it. Be sure to go to the toolbar and Apply. Once the drive is all Unallocated Space, you can right click the Unallocated Space and Create a New Partition. Taking up the whole drive.

    As for your Clone, you only got the EFI System Partition and not the whole drive with C: on it. To clone the drive with C: on it, it is best done by creating a bootable Rescue USB on Easeus Todo Backup. Boot off of the USB Flash drive and choose to Clone your drive with C: on it, including all of the hidden partitions (Source Drive) and choose Disk 1 as the Destination drive.
    If it all goes awry again, you can Delete the partitions and start over.
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    I got it all straightened out. Thank you for taking the time to walk me through it.
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