Windows 10 Booting issue after update  

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    Windows 10 Booting issue after update


    A collegues Win 10 laptop will not boot due to user error.

    C: drive has less that 4gb left, user decided to update. Update required more space so plugged in usb, update took long time to install , user got impatient and unplugged usb , rebooted roll back failed , then decided to format the usb drive big screwup there!

    Tried uninstalling updates via the troubleshooting menu to two updates both failed.

    Booted into command prompt with usb to backup files some files will not copy

    Tried takeownership of files and attempted copy failed.

    So tried hirens boot pe to backup files some files not backing up.

    I found myself thinking can I repair the OS to build so I went back to troubleshooting command prompt in recovery area.

    SFC - did offline command I get an error that some service is not available (more details can follow with screenshot soon as this is being done over phone and remotely)

    Tried then net start trustedinstaller get a successful message and retried the sfc command - failed

    Tried: as I felt this was the best option to get win10 to boot

    DISM /Image:C:\ /ScratchDir:C:\Scratch /Cleanup-Image /RevertPendingActions

    I get an error 87 Cleanup-Image is unknown

    I'm unsure if the laptop has nvme m2 ssd or the eMMC crap the size of the drive is 128gb . I was thinking of asking client to open the laptop and put the ssd in the nvme to usb Device providing it wasn't eMMC. I was hoping I could fix it via command prompt before it could come to something that drastic

    I thought about in place upgrade but there's not enough space and think does that not require to start from windows desktop and Not command prompt ?

    Destructive recovery is not an option at this time

    Creating a backup image of the drive backs up the problem too.

    Any solutions?
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    Hi, had the user been using disk imaging routinely and regularly as is endlessly recommended here, recovery would have been relatively trvial of course.

    Doesn't sound the sort of user who can be let loose with a PC.

    4Gb free space is - well, ridiculously low for normal use.

    More worryingly:

    So tried hirens boot pe to backup files some files not backing up.
    Booted into command prompt with usb to backup files some files will not copy
    Given that, I would run a program to check the disk. E.g. Crystal Diskinfo portable, or maybe there's something that can at least access SMART params on Hiren's disk.

    ** If the disk is failing, well...that's data recovery- whatever is recoverable, that is. I assume there's no backup.

    The O/S could well be in something of a random state. I've no idea from what you say if this was and upgrade or update or which... or even the basic build of the O/S.

    It's possible to uninstall updates offline with DISM, but this was interrupted.

    I would guess that trying to run System Restore offline (e.g. booting from a Win 10 disk via 'Repair your computer' etc) will fail...that's assuming Sytem Restore was enabled.

    As you say, an in-place upgrade repair install can only be run if you can log in.

    Realistically, your only option is to

    a. check the disk
    b. recover what you can
    c. clean install on a good disk
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