I built this pc about a year ago and have had no problems up until a couple of weeks ago.

Computer specs

Asus X570 Tuf Gaming Pro
Amd Ryzen 7 3700x - I have replaced the rbg stock coooler with a Dark rock pro 4
Evga 2060 Super
32Gb 3600hz Corsair Vengeance Pro (4 x 8gb)
750w Fully modular corsair power supply
Sabrent Pci 4.0 1Tb M.2 (currently replaced by a 480gb kingston ssd) thought this would fix my issue and it somehow did for 36hrs? computer was running FINE until the next day i swear
4tb hdd

240Hz Alienware 1080p Screen
K70 Corsair keyboard
G502 Logitech mouse

The crash is RANDOM... and ONLY happens when i'm playing games. TO be more specific I play 3 games on this PC atm. Diablo 2 , SC2 & Valorant. Both SC2 & Valorant will crash my pc (D2 seems fine?!?!?)
sometimes it'll crash during a simple alt+tab command... sometimes ill crash in the lobby after a full game of SC2/Valorant or literally ingame between two bunny hops on Valorant
Iv had a few black screens. But usually the screen freezes on a frame, RGB keyboard turns black & the pc won't respond. It'll sometimes take a few reboot attempts to fire it back up.

Sometimes while rebooting my pc, I would see messages like ''disk repair / disk scanning for repair''. which led me to believe my m.2 drive was acting up. I have since switched to a sata ssd w/ a clean fresh w10 Install. This somehow solved my issue for 36hrs?!?!? and have not seen the same error message since

I'm no computer expert by no means, just tryna get some input before I decide to bring it somewhere... this is really annoying, esp with D2R around the corner

w10 updates & drivers are up to date

- - - Updated - - -

Have also reproduced the crash running cinebench cpu stress test