New Laptop for Student?

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    New Laptop for Student?

    Good morning all and I apologize if there is a more appropriate subthread:

    I'm looking for recommendations for a student laptop. Currently I am looking at the below three units. My typical usage is internet, moderate coding, and moderate video editing. Between the processor and RAM, I am not sure which would be expected have better performance, or if the thinkpad will last significantly longer than the ideapad justifying the price difference between the two lines. Otherwise any additional recommendations would be greatly appreciated as well.

    Lenovo ThinkPad T490 (Intel i7-8665U Processor, 8 GB RAM 2400MHz)
    Lenovo ThinkPad T14s (AMD Ryzen 5 Pro 4650U Processor, 8 GB RAM 3200MHz)
    Lenovo Ideapad 5 14 (AMD Ryzen 5 4500U Processor, 16 GB RAM 3200MHz)

    Thank you for your help!
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    My 2 pennyworth.

    I know little of brands or which might be better then the other and in any case most of those opinions would be subjective.

    I know your a student and having to cart this laptop around but video editing on a 14 inch screen, is it really that much more cumbersome to carry a slightly larger laptop?

    I see your choices have plenty of USB 3 ports, can't have enough of those and at least 2 HDMI ports if at all possible that way you can attach a spare larger monitor or TV.

    I am an AMD fan although my aging laptop is an intel 3rd gen iCore 5 affair and my PC is antique yet both still going strong.

    When buying my laptop I got a bit carried away with specs and didn't consider battery life, fully charged my laptop, an ACER, 2&1/2 hours max from new so I would say battery life is and important consideration in a students life and laptop.

    If my children and grandchildren are anything to go by, internal storage, what do they do with it, I would say any self respecting student can make short work of a 550gb SSD, so the more internal the better but a 2TB external backup is a must.

    My LT and PC chug along happily on 4 & 8 GB of ram but 16gb of ram I think is a minimum for a students laptop although 8gb is just fine.

    CPU brand and type, that debate is ceaseless but as I wrote, I like AMD and Ryzen are doing so much better then anyone ever thought but won't knock Intel but suspect my PC would come to a standstill with anything that suggests intensive so sgo for the best CPU and gen' your budget allows.

    For your laptop I note you have not included a cooling stand or mat, get one.

    Your choices look great, I'm not a Lenovo fan but then I'm not a Dell fan either.
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    Laptops are made to be portable.
    Compared to a desktop they have:
    - Small screen
    - Little keyboard
    - They aren't powerful and they have cooling problems.

    If you want a computer to work on, buy a desktop.
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    Megahertz said:
    Laptops are made to be portable.
    Compared to a desktop they have:
    - Small screen
    - Little keyboard
    - They aren't powerful and they have cooling problems.
    If you want a computer to work on, buy a desktop.

    Exactly my thinking to a T then two year ago, my laptop that had sat under my desk since its purchase and had done so little became my life line in many respects--I get laptops and their portability, so useful.

    However, working off a big screen a joy and a Corsair to hammer on--bliss.
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    Believe you me I'm the last person to recommend a Mac. However, if a student that dabbles with film --

    -- their new M1 chip is a must consider.
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    This one sounds better and seems to fit your price:

    ThinkBook 15 Gen 2 (15”) AMD® Ryzen™ 7 4700U Processor + Windows_Pro + 16Gig RAM

    ThinkBook 15 Gen 2 |AMD-Powered Work Laptop | Lenovo US

    Otherwise, new machines will be available at the end of May.

    If you could wait, AMD 5000 series will be better, same for Intel next gen.
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    I'd be considering weight vs size + battery life + a robust build - and certainly SSD in a device that's likely to be shifted around a lot.

    I'm using a 2nd hand ex-business Thinkpad bought for travelling originally about 3-4 years ago for £200 with Win 10 Pro - has a built-in battery as well as a large removable battery with a big life.

    As suggested above, plan your data and backup strategy properly- the last thing you want is your PC down or that key assignment lost or inaccessible. Keep personal data off C: and use disk imaging regularly and routinely (= large enough external storage for image files and other backups).
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    Good morning all,

    Thank you very much for all your help, this has been the most helpful forum experience! I will say, I value the portability of the 14" screens and my video editing is more recreational than professional. I will look into external hard drives and cooling systems, for sure. And the ThinkBook line is a great suggestion, I did not see that before and it does seem to fit my needs well. For anyone with experience with Lenovo, do you think prices will drop by late May with the new models, or should I take the "April Showers" discount currently available on the Lenovo website?

    Thank you,
    Derek Moore
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    Lenovo offers discounts all the time. If you're OK with the current discount and need the machine sooner, buy now. If you can wait a while, it's possible you might get another 5% when the new models come out in May. I've owned or used 13 different Lenovo laptops as far back as 2012, and I've never purchased without at least a 20-25% discount. Seems normal.
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    "For your laptop, I note you have not included a cooling stand or mat, get one." I wholeheartedly second that! I have cooling assemblies for both laptops, and while they can get quite warm, such have kept them from getting hot enough to trigger an unexpected, sudden, no-warning, no-save anything, shutdown/power off.
    "...plan your data and backup strategy properly..." while using ext usb HDDs or SSDs are best, if the student insists on usb flash drives for backup storage -- make sure everything will be saved onto twin usb flash drives. If one fails suddenly, the other one probably will be ok.
    Like others have earlier indicated, RAM (more is more), CPU (the more powerful the better), HDD or SSD (the bigger the better). Business-class laptops, although more expensive, might be much more appropriate for studies research, and such. Bought one 2015, another 2017, both can still run Cyberlink and Movavi audio and video editors.
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