I've actually already posted under sound section of the forums (HDMI device detected Windows 10 producing sound but no sound on TV), however I am realizing that the issue isn't really sound card/driver related but permission related.

The short version is that I did a fresh install of W10 on my Alienware 15 (2015) with no hardware issues recently and I cannot get sound out of my TV connected to the laptop through the HDMI port. No issues with the port, cable or the TV as tested by the same machine on Linux as well as with other computers.

The conclusion that I can get from the other thread is this is some sort of very weird permission issue. I current have configured the Intel Display audio to output 16 bit 32kHz to the TV and sound works more or less fine. Except as soon as I open anything with admin privilage, sound from the HDMI disappears until I reboot the computer.

This is such a weird problem, any suggestions on how to tackle this?