ope someone can help me on creating a multi language Windows 10 OS in combination with Autopilot.

What i have done and tried:

- Downloaded en_windows_10_business_editions_version_20h2_updated_march_2021_x64_dvd_c2f10533.iso

- Downloaded Multi Language Pack ISO

- Downloaded Feature on Demand ISO

- Then i followed article @ How to create a multi language Windows 10 image – MSProfessionals to add the LP cab, FOD cab etc to the install.wim index:4 (enterprise)

- Then i also add the LXP with license.xml

- Created a bootable usb key with the newly created install.wim

- Installed Windows 10 Enterprise

- After installing i confirm with PS below to see all LP are installed.

$OSInfo = Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_OperatingSystem

$languagePacks = $OSInfo.MUILanguages


The one thing i not seem to get or how to fix is how to get the OOBE in a language a user selects during autopilot or after installing Windows 10 ?