To Anyone that can give me some ideas.

Have this weird graphic glitch when coming out of sleep after login ( via domain ). It will show the login screen, wallpaper and a few icons (outside the grid all bunched up). Attached is one sample ( name blacked out on purpose )
Weird graphics glitch after windows login-thumbnail_20210121_133035-3-.jpg

Some machines will show multiple open windows, shadowed in from of each other. Others might jut make the icon so small you can read them.

The easiest fix is to restart explorer. I created a task to do this a logon but this is really messy. To recap, I can load the windows logon screen fine, enter username and password and then bang, glitch. I can then logoff and on again and it works.

Things I have tried.
1. Latest driver versions 27.10.100, older versions and earliest available version from working model using windows 1709
2. Power and hibernation settings
3. Disabled all running app at startup
4. Edited and deleted monitor setting in registry and device manager
5. Installed IME and RST
6. Disabled power options on IME ( unticked the Allow the computer to put this device to sleep )
7. Did above with all available NIC cards
8 Tried drivers again.
10. Upgraded windows to most current version
11. Hit head against a wall

Now a bit of history on these machines. They are a 75" interactive 4K touch panel with inbuilt Android 8.0. A PC module is installed that has the following specs

Intel Core i5
MT43A-JHA mainboard
Inbuilt Wireless Intel AC 3165 controller
Realtek PCIe GBE Controller

Operating system is a MOE version of Windows 1909 provided by head office. Due to working in education, I do not control these images. They are a vanilla windows, no drivers, standalone MOE image. The previous image was filled with drivers and worked like a charm, no issues.

Now I know this looks like a driver issue, I just don't know the cause. I am hoping that if someone has seen this before, they can give me some ideas.

Thankyou in advance.