I'm having an issue getting my PC to back up to OneDrive. When I go to the website and go to "Device backups", it just says "You donít have any devices that are backing up settings to OneDrive.".

Here's what I did when I installed Windows 10, as I think something I did might have broken the syncing: -

1. I did an upgrade to 10, then a totally clean install.

2. I set OneDrive up and chose a couple of folders to sync.

3. I went to the OneDrive website and checked the Device backups section and there were 3 or 4 backups there. My current computer was listed there, but the date of the backup was fairly old. I decided to delete all of them so I could start over. When deleting them I got a message that included the words "We'll also turn off setting backups for this device", but I thought that wouldn't be a problem as I could just turn it back on again. I went ahead and deleted all of the backups.

4. I went into the sync settings in Windows 10 and everything was already turned on, so I assumed that some time in the near future a backup would appear on OneDrive, but it didn't.

Here's the things I've tried in order to try and fix this: -

1. Turning sync on and off.

2. Unlinking my computer from OneDrive and then linking it again.

3. Running the Microsoft Accounts troubleshooter. This popped up a message that said "The following settings have sync turned off: Installed apps", but the troubleshooter didn't fix that and I see nowhere I can turn that back on - if that's even related to this problem.

4. Logging in with my account as a local account, then switching back to using a Microsoft account again. I saw a couple of other people say that this fixed the issue for them, but it didn't for me.

I'm guessing that when I deleted the device backup and it said "we'll also turn off setting backups for this device" it flipped a switch somewhere to "off", but how on earth do I flip it back to "on" again?

Many thanks for any help!