Good morning hope all is well.
Current Issue:
*when powered on tablet (surface rt 32 mb) displays surface logo in a continuous boot loop.
*when attempting to boot to uefi mode the tablet displays a black screen( shuts down) and will not restart unless a 15 to 30 sec. hardboot is performed.
*when booted from a ver. 2.0 USB with Microsoft surface rt image Surface2_BMR_102.1.9.0 and using parameters reset pc and fully clean, it stops installing @ 1% with a generic message ( ran into a problem and cannot continue).
*When attempting to boot from the refresh your pc option: the operation fails with error message ( The drive containing windows is locked).
*Whe attempting startup repair, the operation fails with message (ran into problem cannot continue).
*list disk shows 29gb/29gb free/gpt
Detail disk shows disk information and also shows there is no volume for disk
*clean disk operation succeeds
*create partition primary operation fails with message virtual disk service/the object is not found
*format fs=fat32 fails with msg virtual disk service/the object is not found.
So far the best positive is that disk detail does show the ssd drive information so I know that it can be seen.
*Tablet had low battery and died during software update.
*Tablet was secured with bitlocker key but key was lost and has since been found albeit to late for what trouble shooting steps subsequently followed while it was misplaced.
*As remedy to not having the bitlocker key a full clean and reset was performed via the USB stick recovery software for the tablet.
*Upon reinstalling the operating system the errors contained in this message manifested themselves.
From what I can tell,it seems that diskpart cannot see the ssd for anything beyond knowing that it's there and that may be one of the reasons that the installation media has nothing to install to. 🤔
I believe that I was able to run chkdsk and scan disk successfully but can't remember however I will try again just to be sure.
I am taking a pretty good whipping on this one but I don't mind because it's all about learning except now I am not sure of what questions to ask myself and it's really difficult to learn that way,that's when I know that I need help,so someone,anyone,everyone lol 😀 please chime in if you will.

At the end of the day you have to stay upbeat and strive to stay in the positive or strive to be upbeat and strive to stay in the positive 🙂