Anticipation of 9 compared to 8  

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    Anticipation of 9 compared to 8

    Wasn't sure if this should go here or in the chill out section, if wrong place please move

    For those that were around before 8 was released (getting ready for the beta of it) what was the feeling towards it compared to now getting ready for 9 to come out

    Unfortunately I wasn't keeping track of windows development at the time, so didn't see how people where seeing things
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    For me I was much more excited for the debut of Win7.
    After the debacle of Vista the thought of a major fix was needed in a major way.
    Right now I'm just not as excited for Win9. I'm rather pleased with the way in which Win8.1 is working and
    there would have to be some fantastic changes to get me excited about it.

    I'm in the "working with the OS" mode and having fun programming.
    My 2c. YMMV
    Jeff :)
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    I definitely have more interest in W9, than I did in W8 when it first came out. Most likely the reason for this was that I didn't participate on the Forums very much at the time.
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    I cannot comment on previous as wasn't around, but I am in two minds about 9 at the moment

    I am interested in getting more details and seeing how it works, but what I have seen so far is not impressing me, it just seems like the usual from MS, people complain and then they do a complete U-turn and drastically change things

    Hopefully by the end of the month when we get more info I will change my mind and want to try it asap
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    The anticipation for the release of Windows 8 got me excited as well as others, boy what a let down with all the initial bugs. As far as Windows 9 is concerned, I will sit back and see what officially comes out and let you boys work out the bugs before jumping in. There is just too much speculation and, ahem, leaks right now to form an decision. I suppose I will go eventually.
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    Personally, I have and like Seven. I do not feel 8 or 9 will bring any changes that I really want or need. There may be some window dressing, but at a big price.
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    I'll start with XP. I had a Vista beta and the darn thing would hardly run on my system so I stuck with XP Pro like a lot of people. Seemed the specs for running Vista were correct. You could run it on the hardware I had but that was it. 2.2 Ghz Athlon 64 with 3 gb ram and Nvidia 8800. XP Pro 64 was an excellent OS. So vista was a disappointment. Windows 7 is awesome. Windows 8, 8.1 is a disappointment. If they had let us have choices it would have been great. Not just the start menu but also the eye candy Aero. So I feel there is a lot of anticipation for Windows 9 that it will be an OS of choices. Something to please everyone. I hope Aero is back in as I like the effects. If I have the horsepower to run a "pretty" desktop I want to run it. If you don't fine, that should be a choice too. If you like the way 8.1 runs on a tablet and you want that interface on a desktop, fine by me. Some may want desktop on a small tablet. Choice should be Microsoft's buzzword. I am quite excited and I always look forward to being able to try a new Windows OS out. Sometimes it is good, sometimes we all think we are beta testers with the full product. By the end of September some of our questions may be answered.
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    I'm in complete agreement with Indianatone. Microsoft shouldn't recklessly get rid of features that are already written. Just make them optional and them to Personalization.

    I'm pretty optimistic about Windows 9. I'm already happy with 8.1 and hope that some of the strong features of Windows 8.1, like Snapping will be preserved in Windows -even if only as non-default options.
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    It's a little bit funny, this feeling inside....
    I am anxious to see what they come up with, but despite my utter disdain for tifkam, my 8.1 behaves quite nicely and I have no major issues with it.
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    I don't think Win 9 will be any different from Win 8/8.1 in terms of hardware/driver compatibility. I am thinking, Win 9 is still Win 8 in essence with a reconstructed user interface and more cloud features.
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