Windows 10 System

Google has given me nothing, nearly all the results are from people who were posting a log and it had other errors that were flat-out read failures of a dying drive...... or they were results about MYSQL, which I don't use (at least not manually).

I had just re-assembled a RAID5 array from a dead system, and performed a clone of the drives as a backup. I ran a chkdsk on the backup and got hundreds of "correcting sparse file record segment" messages, though other than cleaning up two or three security entries and index descriptors those were the only errors I got.

Can anyone explain what this is? Is it something to be worried about? Again, this was cloned off a RAID5 disk to a single external drive, is it something to do with the RAID5 metadata itself? I noticed after the fact in the logs that the raid said it was performing a "Patrol Read" at the time of the backup, could that have something to do with it?