I created a Visual Studio project by copying the code at : //https://github.com/microsoft/Windows-classic-samples/blob/master/Samples/Win7Samples/begin/LearnWin32/SimpleDrawing/cpp/main.cpp
I had to make a few minor changes to get it to compile. Once compiled it ran OK. Lots of lovely ellipses.
I do have a problem though. All the functionality relating to the mouse is fine but I cannot get any of the keyboard key functionality to work. Any keystroke is completely ignored. It must be due to the LoadAccelerators function at line 495. I have tried editing the Accelerator file in VS but no matter what I do no keystrokes are recognised. I have read the explanation on setting up accelerators on the MS website but I still can't crack it. Can someone help?

- - - Updated - - -

Don't worry, I solved it myself. Searched on github and found some useful info. Used VS 2019 to create an accelerator file then had a flash of inspiration as to how to reference it in my code. I now have all the functionality working.