Hey guys,
first time asking something in a Forum, i'm not a professional so please understand that...

I needed to delete Windows 10 64 Bit from a new PC because i needed Windows 10 32 Bit.
Everything worked out fine, but as the installer finished and as i went through nealry half of the
setup the WppRecorder.sys error occured. Im trapped in a Blue Screen Loop now and i
really don't know what to do now..

Could it be, that i deleted something i wasnt supposed to?
When i look up that error, all the fixes only work if u can even get into the computer which i can't...
Please help...

- - - Updated - - -

So i tried to install windows once again, then unplugged my internet and managed to finish the setup.
Now i could get into the Computer and fix the Problem as explained on this site!