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    Set up a laptop as an e-reader

    Update: I appreciate the responses so far. I have found that I can make a shortcut that performs the action I want, but I'd still like a nice big tile that has the image I want and performs the function, so I'm leaving this thread open for awhile. I'll add to my initial information that the publications I want to read are flipbooks served by the publisher, not any sort of content that can be downloaded and kept on the device.

    ----original post----

    I have converted several of my subscriptions to digital. I used to read these publications in the evening in my lounge chair and I'd like to resume that habit.

    Concurrently, I upgraded my travel laptop to a fantastic Dell 7470 (retired from its first job elsewhere) which has a touch screen and fantastic resolution.

    It occurred to me that I can meld these. I have avoided the Windows 10 Tile interface to date and have no idea how to use it.

    So, what is a good way for me to learn about using the interface, now that most of the sites have taken down their basic introductory tutorials, and what hints would you have for me? I'm thinking I'd just stick each web link in a tile, so it could be clicked on and there would be the publication. The web sites allow me to stay signed in.

    I would love to have any advice you can share.
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    To be crea you want to keep a list of website link in one place what browser are you using
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    Going by the Title: "Set up a laptop as an e-reader" The Best Free Ebook Reader 2021 Just use any one of them to setup your system as a E-Reader. Simple enough.
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    Judy in Texas said:
    ...I have converted several of my subscriptions to digital...
    Are you able to download your subscriptions as .epub or .mobi files?

    If so, install Calibre e-book management, (one of the best free e-reader softwares), then you can read any time, connection or no connection.
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    Edwin said:
    Are you able to download your subscriptions as .epub or .mobi files?

    If so, install Calibre e-book management, (one of the best free e-reader softwares), then you can read any time, connection or no connection.
    Thanks Edwin. But that app is in my link.
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    Hmm. There is a BIG difference between an e-book reader and a web-based magazine subscription service. I would assume that you are talking about magazines here and not things like Kindle Unlimited. An e-book is usually in a few different formats such as .awz .mobi .epub etc. and is just black and white text and simple illustrations. Calibre is your answer for that.
    Magazines usually come out as PDFs which I use Foxit PDF for as you can go full screen to get the best reading experience. Other sites use their own proprietary screen apps to show the contents. so far tho, I have NOT found a suitable tablet or laptop that can do a magazine or large format textbook or comic justice and still get the paper versions.
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    laptop as magazine reader

    Thank you to all of you. I see I should have given more information.

    First, Samuria, I want to use Firefox for this.

    Lance1, Edwin, and John, both of the products I want to start with are quite protected from downloading. They are The New Yorker and the Houston Chronicle. Both of these are Flipbooks. I see in the big world that there are other subscriptions I might want to have in this format.

    I don't want to unlock them or to misuse them in any way. To use them on the desktop I sign in. I used TNY once on the laptop and it worked very well. I found that with the touchscreen I could zoom to any size while with the mouse on the desktop I can choose only 2 sizes.

    I have found that once I sign in to either they keep me signed in.

    I want my husband to be able to read these too, and to make it very easy to get in to one of them without distractions. That is when I thought of just putting the web link in a tile to tap on to go to the product. My goal would be to have a clean screen and in the evenings to be able to become a consumer of information rather than being in the digital river as I am at the desktop. That is part of the winding down process for both of us.

    Since I first posted this I have read a few things, and I see that the tiles are apparently part of the Start menu. Ideally I'd like to not have to open the whole start menu, just to have a pretty clean screen with only tile-size images that I can touch to go to the site. I see there are products with which I can add my own images to tiles, and that tiles can contain web links, which takes me part of the way, but I'd really not like to have to open a service that gives me all of the opportunities to mess up that the Start menu does .

    Again, thank you to all of you, and I would love to have your recommendations. Normally I like to dig in and learn a lot about what I am using, but I see I may be needing information that will be found in different parts of any book or tutorial and I figure you folks are the ones who know the pieces and can point me to how to put them together.

    Other than the 800 page Knittel Windows 10 In Depth edition with the updateable content program, do you have recommendations for reading material for me?
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    Judy, Flipbook, eNewspaper, etc are ways to use a web page to show a digital copy of the actual newspaper or magazine rather than the CRON site (for the Houston Chronicle that is what it is called) where it has hyperlinks to stories. I am assuming that is the case here. An Example:
    Set up a laptop as an e-reader-la.jpg

    You are mentioning start menu and tiles, to use as shortcuts to open the websites you are looking at. It sounds like you are trying to access WEB-based sites i.e using a BROWSER like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to view the contents.
    First, IF you ARE using a browser to access the sites, you only need to create a bookmark for the site and enable a bookmark bar at the top of the browser to instantly go to the site. This is basic stuff if I am reading your post correctly and an Internet Browser for Dummies book would be very useful to you. Sorry if I am making basic Windows usage comments but I am not getting "tech-savvy" vibes from your posts, heh.

    If you have a library card for the Houston area, you would be surprised to find that they often have ways of freely reading local papers online. for instance, I have The New Yorker free for me to borrow online from my library so no subscription needed:
    Set up a laptop as an e-reader-mag.jpg

    See if you can find a relative or friend to help you set up this stuff as it is too hard for me to step you through basic stuff here on this site. Good luck!
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    John Pombrio said:
    Judy, Flipbook, eNewspaper, etc are ways to use a web page to show a digital copy of the actual newspaper or magazine

    I do know about bookmarks, thank you. The New Yorker and the Chronicle are both available as flipbooks -- subscribers can select to see today's e-paper. The web link does not get you all of the sections. The New Yorker is available as you show it and also as a flipbook. I tried the flipbook and kinda like it.

    The quest that prompted my initial post was just me wanting to take advantage of what it seems to me that the tile interface is for, direct access without complications. The internet as one signs in to a browser is designed to lead you down many paths, and I enjoy that. But I also enjoy settling in with a linear medium -- a book or a magazine or a TV show or a movie. I was just looking for an interface that would promote that without having paper issues pile up.
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    Thanks for the feedback. Since I have no idea what a flipbook is, I will not be able to help....
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