Convert DVD to video file

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    Convert DVD to video file

    Not sure if this is the appropriate place to post. I had Costco convert a VHS to DVD, now I have all these files. Basically it's a DVD of 9 different scenes. Any idea on how I can save into one video file so I can upload to Google drive? Thanks for any help.

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    Welcome to TenForums, take a look to the link below, you should find all you need:
    convert dvd to video file - Google Search
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    create an iso image of the dvd.
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    1. Download Freeware "Handbrake" from: HandBrake: Open Source Video Transcoder
    2. Install then run, Click Cancel under Source Selection, Click on Tools->Preferences, Click on Output Files then tick on "Automatically Name Output Files.
    3. Click on Back, Open Source.
    4. From DVD, Drag and drop 1st .VOB file then click on Add to queue. Repeat the step for next .VOB file until done
    5. Select Output file format either .mp4 or .mkv
    6. Click on "Start Encode"
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    thank you topgundcp for the detailed instructions. Worked great..appreciate it!
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    Hi there


    Handbrake is slow and doesn't "decrypt" commercial DVD's etc.

    Easiest solution --OK not free but not expensive is to use AnyDVD from slysoft (now called redfox these days) - it also works for Blu Ray and "de-regionalises" and decrypts commecial DVD's -- store as an ISO and play with VLC / KODI or whatever.

    The RedFox Project | Backup DVD, Blu-Ray, Netflix, Amazon

    Legal where I am but check your jursidiction.

    I think though making "Archive" copies of DVD's / CD's etc you have purchased is perfectly within the rules provided it's for your own use and you don't share on torrent sites -- similar if you buy a book or even have stuff on a kindle are you allowed to "lend" that book or kindle to someone else. I can't see any court prosecuting people for that.

    This whole area of "Legal Copyright" needs to be modified for the digital age -- so long as there's no question of Piracy involved thank goodness material can be archived -- otherwise it can be lost forever.

    @SIW2 - easy to say "convert to ISO but I think the OP want's to know how !!!!

    It's a bit like saying here's an equation - but omitting to say you need to be able to prove Fermats last theorem to do it -- and even though the initial concept looked simple X**N + Y**N = Z**N had no whole number integer solutions whatsover for N > 2 !!! Incredibly difficult proof which actually required 20th Cent mathematical techniques to finally come up with the proof. !!

    Fermat's Last Theorem - Wikipedia

    (whoever would have thought a topic on DVD archiving / transcribing would have got Fermat's Last theorem involved !!! -- Well the power of the W10 Forums !!!!).

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