Hello! So yesterday while I was browsing the internet, my computer suddenly began to freeze up and run extremely slow. After roughly 5 minutes of that, I was met with a black screen and really no other choice than to hold down the power button and force a shut down on the computer. Upon the computer booting back up, I see a Windows 10 logo and a small circular loading graphic that's spinning as if its loading. This happens for a few minutes until an error message appears "Unmountable_Boot_volume" and the PC automatically restarts itself. On the second reboot, I see the same Windows 10 logo but instead of a loading bar, its just text indicating the computer will now try to automatically repair itself. This is when the computer takes me to the "Choose your keyboard layout" screen on what I assume to be the repair interface. The problem is that my keyboard/mouse are not recognized or working at this stage, so I'm unable to select an option and progress. I've read that there are some possibilities at a fix or way to get the keyboard to function through the use of the BIOS menu, however any attempts to press "Esc" on my keyboard or any of the other functions such as "F10" for a boot menu results in an instant freeze of my PC.

I'm running Windows 10 on an HP Pavilion P6000 series. I've already done my own research as to what could be causing this and have tried a few things such as manually resetting the CMOS, reseating pieces of hardware, only plugging in essential cords (Keyboard, Monitor, and Power cable). and disconnecting the power to the Motherboard and reconnecting it.

This is my first post to any support forum or community, so please be patient with me if i've failed to include any important information. I'll be happy to update this with anything needed. Thanks for any suggestions you may have!