ldav2k9 said:
I received my windows 10 as a free upgrade to 8.1 so I don't have an installation disk. I guess that to find a bootable capable disk, I am going to have to go outside Microsoft and Windows. I hate to do that because they are always full of malware and unwanted crap apps. I do have a disk with bootable DOS on it (believe it or not), maybe that will work if the image disk has a setup file

ADDED: Please understand that Windows 10 will not create a bootable repair disk--I fails with error0x80070057--this is what started this thread originaly
You don't need one if you can get back to Win 10. Follow step 4 in the How to Do a Repair Install of Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade tutoral. Or step 5 if you have and can make a USB install media.