Hi, just switched from Win 7 to 10. I had initially added a Chinese keyboard setting for writing or reading Chinese (taking Chinese classes) and also a Chinese software. The software was uninstalled just prior to the update and the 2 keyboard things were removed after. Anyhow, that's it, I did nothing 'Chinese after that, and yet, when rebooting I got the above message, "this app (in Chinese characters) is preventing you from shutting''. How can this be? Where does it come from? Since my keyboard no longer has Chinese, actually doing a search for such a file will be impossible--besides the fact that I can't really read Chinese anyways. So how do I find such an app and get rid of it?

(BTW, unlike Win 7 now on boot I get HP Solution center loading as well and don't know what to disable since doing so may actually disable the printer.)