I like Windows 10, and the new features. For starters, it looks better, so much nicer, and futuristic since we are getting into that age now. I like that it resembles the past previous Windows with the start menu, bring in the old, but make it new. I like the way everything is in one little start menu, and we can pin stuff to that as well for quick access. It's not like Windows 8 where all the apps and that just swoop like it usually does, it was like looking at a gallery.

Cortana is helpful too. Does Cortana remind you of somebody? Master Chief's assistant in the Halo series. I'm not surprised, Microsoft owns that too. It would be good, if we could take Cortana with us everywhere we go, and use her on many devices. She can have her own USB to put her on like what Master Chief can do when he places it in his helmet. Let's hope she doesn't turn evil, and ruin all the electronics in this world.

I've got problems with mine, I'm not sure if you experienced these as well. Microsoft Edge doesn't work properly, and it seems to be buggy as hell some websites. The videos on YouTube are always pixelated when viewing at high quality. It becomes pixelated a few seconds, returns to normal and then it keeps doing that over again. As for the buggy websites, they become like that. I can't explain that, they just act so weird with the browser. The browser is also slow as well, and unresponsive at times. Firefox, that is now compatible with 10, is slow at times as well. I'm not sure if it's the computer that is going slow or the internet.

I've noticed that iTunes has been acting weird, this might be a problem with Wins 10. If I click on a song, it becomes out of order, and loses it cover art. It never did that before.

This next problem isn't Wins 10 related, but I'll mention it anyway. The problem is with the hidden files and folders option. Every time I try to hide those, they become hidden. But every time I turn off my laptop, the next day of turning it on, it reverts back to the other option, and then I can see all the hidden files and folders. I'm not sure how this happened, but it happened before Wins 10 came. I thought installing the new Windows would fix those types of problems, but it didn't.