I recently obtained an HP pavilion desktop pc loaded with Windows 7 which I upgraded to 10. All was going well and everything loaded ok but was having problems with Edge so I decided to do a complete restore from the settings which it didn't complete and said there was a problem restoring. I then tried a restart which got as far as the HP screen but failed to load from the hard drive and there was no usual beep. I used the HP diagnostic tool which showed BOIME 1 failure against the memory. The failed memory was 2 x 2GB. I have tried replacing the memory, although I did have only 2 x 1GB but this did pass on the diagnostics test however its still failing to boot. I have access to another win 10 PC however the failed PC is 64 bit system and the running PC is 32 bit so guessing I won't be able to create a recovery disk. Any suggestions would be appreciated.