With Windows 7, when I plugged in my camera, I would be asked if I wanted to upload photographs, and then asked if I wanted to delete them after they had been uploaded. I would always say "yes" to both.

When I installed Windows 10, the first time I uploaded pix from my camera to my computer, it uploaded every photograph I had ever taken on the camera! Including hundreds of so called *deleted* photographs. I had to freshly format the memory card in my camera in order to actually get rid of these unwanted pix.

Now, every time I want to take a new batch of photographs on my camera, I have to make sure that I format the memory card, so that all existing photographs are truly deleted, and I can start afresh.

This is a very clunky way of doing things! Is there any way I can set up the uploading mechanism on Windows 10 so that it works like it did on Windows 7?

1) I would like to delete photographs on my camera - from my computer - immediately after uploading them.

2) How can I get Windows 10 to recognise 'deleted' photographs as such, and not try and upload them onto my computer?

Help would be very much appreciated.