I have a Win 7 HTPC with a ASUS F1A75 M-PRO mobo and a AMD cpu which I just upgraded to Win 10.

Launched the process from Windows update applet, not the taskbar icon. All went well and the process completed without difficulty.

Set up my libraries and joined my homegroup. I was having trouble with the taskbar not reappearing from auto-hide and the mouse cursor “getting lost” or seeming to go off screen. One notice that I received was that AMD Catalyst Center needed attention. Was introduced to a number of options I was unfamiliar with so I made no changes there. Before I could navigate to update this app/driver, the screen went black and has since refused to boot.

Power on and I cannot bring up a screen with any recovery/restore options using F2, F8, F10 or delete. Win 10 upgrade on USB or DVD will not launch nor will a Win 7 rescue disc.

How do I recover from this? I was intrigued by Win 10 but I now regret the attempted changes. I like to resolve technical challenges but this leaves me not knowing where to start. Win 7 or 10 – I just want my media player back. Any suggestions are most welcome and appreciated. Thanks in advance.