Hi all,

Upgraded from Win7 to Win 10 and am experiencing some very odd problems which have got me stumped.

The best example I can give is one I'm having right now, if I try to copy a large file between drives, the file copy starts and after 8% the transfer speed drops to 0 and stays there.

After that, windows explorer pretty much stops working and I have to restart the PC.

Another example is unraring files, it'll stop at a certain %, windows explorer will stop responding and I have to restart.

So, the PC is pretty much useless now, but before I roll back, I want to see if I can't figure this out, seems like there should be an obvious fix here.

Some specs:
Asus P7Z68 Gen 3
Core i5 2500
8gb RAM

I'm thinking it could be to do with sata controller perhaps? Hoping someone here can help!