I have updated my Stream 7 to Windows 10 - I am happy with how it performs, happy with it in general (although there are some things I preferred in Windows 8.1)

One thing I am not happy with is the text size issues in Modern/"Metro" apps, and also blurry text in some Windows Win32 applications.

Before changing from Windows 8.1 to 10, I made sure to check the text size settings on there - they were set to 125%. Makes sense on a tablet of this size. I never ever had a problem reading text using Windows 8.1 on this 7" display.

However, on 10, I also set it to 125% (it even comes up as "recommended" when I go to select this 125% option) But the text looks no better off and in Metro/Modern Windows apps, the text is just too small for me to see without squinting. Check these screenshots:

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As you can see by these examples of the Facebook and Acrobat modern apps, they are just far too small to be useful on a 7" display - this is with the text for all apps etc apparently set at 125%! Hardly looks like it.

Another text issue I have is with blurry text in some dialogs. Oddly, I am wondering if it is something to with how certain dialogs are launched. I have a tool called "Network activity monitor" which I've used for years which shows the flashing network lights (absent since Windows XP) - when you click on it, it takes you to the Windows Network details box for that connection. If I click on it through the app in the system tray near the clock, the dialog looks blurry as anything. Check this out:

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But if I launch it from the Network control panel in Windows (double clicking on the adapter name), look at the difference - this is how it SHOULD look and how it looked all the time in Windows 8.1:

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It is sharp, and easy to read. This doesn't just apply to this network box, or else I could ignore it. It happens in other parts of Windows 10 too.

Any ideas anybody?

If anybody could offer any advice on these text issues, it'd be greatly appreciated. I'm more concerned about the text size in modern apps to be honest. I simply can't read it comfortably! And I'd be much happier to stick with Windows 10 if these issues can be resolved. This is pretty much the only thing putting me off at the moment and souring the "Windows 10 experience"