After upgrade from Windows 8.1 Pro x64 I found many problems with Windows 10.
Here they're, OS: Windows 10 Pro x64:

Login problem
: when I reboot, turn off or logoff, or only lock desktop Windows is not accessible approx. 2 hours - in that time just displaying "Wait for local session..." (correct English words I know not - I have Slovak language)
After 2 hours shows me dialog to login. It happened since I replaced local account to MS account via hotmail... This is very very big problem, knows anyone about this something?

Asus Express Gate - I installed complete newest version and after power up it reports "Expresss Gate installation is incomplete, some parts are broken or missing" - I tried to repair it by reinstall or so, nothing helped. Different is that when I was on Windows 8.1 Pro x64 C: drive was 1st disk in disklist SATA1-6, now it's other and changed was configuration IDE to AHCI - can it make any problem?

In case of Windows 10 Mail app - never is synced, only manually and not correctly - app looks good but these problems gives it far away from "usable" app, can anybody explain me how to autosync?

PCIe onboard LAN: When I installed Windows 10 it dissapeared from device manager, even in live @ctive Disk, so I mean it's hardware problem, but I want to ask what it causes... BIOS changes were only IDE to AHCI, no other.

Thank you all for every help, reply or comments.