What to expect from windows 10 on a low end pc?

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    Windows 10

    My PC seems much faster with 10 than 8.1. Boot up is much faster and launching Office apps is surprisingly faster too.
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    rezpower said:
    Sorry to sound negative after all this positive feedback but I do not expect you to have very good performance after the upgrade.
    I didn't with a very high end laptop. Once I upgraded I had to do a clean install and then I was able to experience the real windows 10 which is amazingly fast and stable. So if you know how to do it, I would advise to make a clean install after the upgrade to get the best.
    Rezpower did you try clean up disk local C to get rig of windows.old, my friend upgraded and said that it was crappy i deleted windows.old for him and it worked fine. although he had like 20gb free space C .. pc was acting lice C drive was full.
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    Tried 10 Returned to 8.1

    tcman50 said:
    Windows 10 checks for hardware compatibility before it installs itself, if her pc passes the test, then she should be fine.
    Conceptually that may be true but it is far from reality.

    All one has to do is browse this form and check the broad array of problems after the transition to W10 and some problems have been crippling. I dare say that the majority of these users received the "You Are Good To Go" message". Sure, while W10 may work on any particular system it remains to be seen how well it works. There are too many factors with different operating systems and different PC configurations to consider and there are different methods of installing W10 that can possibly make a huge difference. In my particular situation I received the "Good To Go" message on both my PC's and on 7/29 I upgraded my less important system first and Yes, it worked but tons of errors that have yet to be resolved but for the most part everything worked and that's impressive. Fortunately just hours before I was going to attempt the upgrade on my primary PC I determined and verified through various channels that critical aspects of my hardware configuration were not yet compatible with W10 and would be inoperable with W10 yet I had the "Good To Go" message.

    At this point in time I would not recommend the upgrade to W10 at this time on a PC that is very important to your daily routine unless the user has good backup plan to return to your previous OS (preferably a system image) if necessary. Again, just browse this forum, there are plenty of problems with the upgrade. Yes, there are many happy campers but it is still a bit of Roll the Dice and Take Your Chances. Hope for the best but plan for the worst.

    Additionally, I have yet to see in writing from MS the recommendation to uninstall your current anti-virus software prior to the upgrade. I did not do so on the PC I upgraded and it did not cause any problems whatsoever.

    Do your due diligence, have a good backup plan and be prepared to spend some time sorting out minor issues and go for it. This is NOT your typical Windows Update!
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit

    Yes I did and many other cleaning and optimizing. But still the clean install was incomparable with the upgrade. It also stopped most errors I was getting in event viewer.
    Dragonflow said:
    Rezpower did you try clean up disk local C to get rig of windows.old, my friend upgraded and said that it was crappy i deleted windows.old for him and it worked fine. although he had like 20gb free space C .. pc was acting lice C drive was full.
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    Win 11 Pro 22000.652

    teachermark said:
    Keep her expectations very low.
    It's common sense that the older the gear, the more it will struggle to keep her amused.

    Women tend to like all the fancy gizmos and slow loading websites and they'll install absolutely everything that pops up regardless if they know what it does! Snap-chat camera apps, Let's play make up salon trial chase the candy games, malware, trickware, crapware... they love it! They also love random malware browser start pages and they can't get enough tool bars either! Who needs space to look at a web page when there's lots of shiny buttons to click on.

    Upgrade her computer, make yourself the admin and give her an account to log into.
    There's no need to tell her what you're doing, just keep the computer safe.

    Better still, buy her a new computer.
    A little misogyny really improves the thread.
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    Windows 10

    bobkn said:
    A little misogyny really improves the thread.
    Exactly what I was thinking.

    My wife is a computer programmer. She typically shows better restraint and judgment than me when it comes to installing frivolous software.
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    Win 11 Pro 22000.652

    Dragonflow said:
    a new computer will be bought soon, and I have trained my girl :)) jk, she knows how to handle websites adds and malware.
    And thx for the feedback guyz, don't worry I know all about antivirus and drivers, know for sure that NVidia has a windows 10 version of driver, was wondering if the computer would keep up with win 10. and if its crappy I will go for a clean install, that's the best way I know, but i'll try upgrade first so I wont delete any of her files. for me upgrade worked beautifully I mean its really fast now, ms edge I love the most, cause after the upgrade I clicked on chrome... waiting and waiting... then click on edge, edge pops up instantly, after a while chrome shows up loading:)) .
    And about antivirus I use avast, and I didn't uninstall avast before upgrade because I forgot, but avast is working great no problems with it.
    She has windows defender that came preinstalled i think, would i need to uninstall that if it is from ms?
    I installed 10 over 7 Home Premium on a Compaq CQ50-105NR from 2008. (AMD Athlon X2 QL60 CPU, nVidia 8200m graphics, nVidia motherboard chipset.) All necessary drivers were either carried over from 7 or updated, with the exception of something for the CPU. (Yellow explanation mark in Device manager for coprocessor.) I fixed that by manually installing the 7 driver. Some of the drivers are MS generic and may not give optimal performance, but everything works.

    The upgrade hasn't transformed the laptop into a faster machine, but it's a change.

    I didn't turn off Windows Defender during the upgrade on that, or on my two desktop PCs. No problems.
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    Windows 10 Home x64

    I have installed W10 on a Pentium 4 from 2005. 1 GB of DDR RAM. It runs surprisingly well. I remember to have installed w7 on some 1GB Atom netbooks and it struggled a lot. From w8.x onwards Windows seems more forgiving for 1GB RAM machines. I guess the kernel was improved and was reduced in size. The main issue is to have all necessary drivers.
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    Windows 10

    Dragonflow said:
    She has windows defender that came preinstalled i think, would i need to uninstall that if it is from ms?
    Defender is part of Windows thus it doesn't need to be uninstalled; I meant any third-party a/v.
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    Windows 11 Pro

    I've done 7 upgrades now. I've seen a performance improvement on all of them and a couple of them are very low end laptops, even one Acer Aspire One netbook. One Gateway laptop used to drive me nuts it was so slow and now it has come up to not so bad performance. On my home built desktop with older hardware I did have to force some old Windows 7 and even a Windows Vista driver in, but it works great now!
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