Hi. My X1 yoga 2019 comes with UEFI Bios N2Q...14.. Win10 pro 64 10.0 built 18362, nvme with bitlocker.

I need to run an app in disable driver signature enforcement (DDSE). It works and only have to reload the DDSE if I restart my PC (it keeps DDSE mode if normal shutdown).

If I close lid (HIBERNATE) in DDSE mode, my PC behave like it restarted when I open back the lid (closed all app, and mode back like enable driver signature enf.). If i close lid in non DDSE mode, it just work as normal hibernate behavior (all app still open as before hibernate).

In my previous X260, BIOS, win64 pro 2017, this is not happened. hibernate function work just well in DDSE mode.

This is so bothering cause some times I need to close lid for a while just to move to some place, even get home and want to continue my work the next day. I have turned off secure boot from Bios setting. Googling result only said type bcdedit.exe /set nointegritychecks on/off or bcdedit /set testsigning on/off in CMD Admin (which i have none, just winpowershell admin, attached win+X) but none of it works. The DDSE mode works well permanently unless i restarted the PC, but hibernate function not work in DDSE moreover became restart.

Please some one may give me some advice or solution.

I thank in advance.