Login in prompt will not show, keyboard and mouse wont work.

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    Windows 10 Pro/Windows 7 Ultimate

    I'm glad you got it fixed. I mentioned that Safe Mode wasn't a good idea because of what you just found out, you can't update drivers. Now, these things here:

    I uninstalled a bunch of programs that might be suspect.
    Avast Anti Virus
    Advanced System Care
    All of those are suspect except maybe Avast, but that has caused me problems in the past. It appears that Driverbooster replaced your working drivers with incorrect versions. It's an "IObit" program, they make a series of "helper" apps that may appear to be helpful but can cause problems like what you have just experienced.

    As far as Drivers, always depend on your hardware manufacturer sites, or, what Windows offers you, unless it is an NVidia card update in which case there is a 50% chance it will be an incorrect driver. But all other drivers I have ever gotten from MS update have been correct, so the trick is to update your Video card drivers before MS finds one for you.

    If you avoid these driver update helper apps you should be fine from now on, good luck mate!
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    Windows 10 Pro/Windows 7 Ultimate

    AveYo said:
    So it was a user-error...
    Driverbooster might seem to work fine, until you need to do stuff like upgrading the OS. Or a big service pack comes. Because it can replace the generic drivers like the ones for keyboard and mouse, with false-positives, disabling hid and trowing Windows Upgrade off. Anyway, it's a lame driverpacks rip-off that also "rips" your personal data (pretty much any iobit software does that to support it's "free" as in "you-are-the-product" status.

    Coming back to the problem, the solution proposed would have worked anyway, as PS/2 support is built-in and does not require definitions, like USB does. Laptops usually don't have this issue because most come with an internal PS/2 bus (just the pin layout differs) for the trackpad and/or keyboard. Guess why...

    Still, after helping 20+ laptops/desktops to jump to Windows 10, I did notice more troubles than in previous versions - dead fn key, some function keys not working, swapped or unresponsive keys on non-english keyboards etc. I have a small zalman keyboard that was built from the ground up to support both PS/2 and USB, so it never fails (many recent mouse and keyboards might have PS/2 support removed and won't work with an adapter as I've seen it first-hand). Definitely some old hardware support was phased out of Windows Logo certification. And definitely something done wrong by Microsoft in the security and remote desktop protocol areas.
    SR1 fixes everything...
    Yes, thank you, I always keep PS-2 KBs for this very thing. The Problem is when I come across a system with only USB input. a PS-2 KB is hard wired and the drivers are built into Windows, so you don't have to wait for an internet connection, the basic drivers will work until you get any specific drivers.
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    Ok more info.

    I had the unresponsive login problem yet again. This time is happened after updating my Nvidida drivers with their latest "Windows 10 Driver. Unlike before my keyboard/mouse were still lit up, but nothing was responding.

    I went back and considered among the things I changed last time for which was the likely candidate of the problem.

    • Avast Anti Virus - This was the most likely candidate, as it was the only one I've so far reinstalled. It is the also the only among the 4 that does work at 'boot time'
    • Advanced System Care - I had made sure I turned off all its automatic features because I was tired of it taking over when I didn't want it.
    • Adaware - Unlikely because it was installed in 'second line defense' mode and had no active scanning features turned on.
    • driverbooster - Unlikely because I made sure to disable it automatic features.

    I again had to go into "SafeMode" and I opened up the Avast settings. I turned off the boot time scan. It gives me a warning about some root kits might go undetected. But hey if I can't even use my computer then its not helping anyway. I reboot again, and everything is perfectly responsive.

    So all along it was my Avast Anti Virus boot time scanner that was the problem.

    So the first time, I suppose it was my fault for upgrading to windows 10 with out updating my Avast, but really I do update everything on this computer at least once a month. I'd have hoped things would have handled more gracefully.

    The second time, it seems that Avast wasn't keeping up with the Nvidia updates because it seems it was getting a false positive during boot time.

    Safe mode is great when you are stuck. It makes sure only essential services are loaded in case something else you installed was going wrong. I assumed that windows10 itself wasn't broken and my hardware has been stable for two years. So I correctly guessed it was something I installed.
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    Windows 8

    I have the EXACT same problem and i am running windows 8.1. Windows boots up to the locked screen page, then an icon on the bottom left changes to have RED x through it. At that point, i cannot use my USB mouse or keyboaard and cannot get off of that locked screen page! The keyboard works just fine if i interrupt the bootup via F2 and look at the BIOS settings.

    Looking around on google, see other people that have this problem but have yet to see anyone post a solution.
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    Win 7 and 10

    Please note I apparently have the same problem and used repair mode to ultimately get into Windows 10 long enough to figure out more fundamental reasons for the inability to get past the lock screen through loss of mouse and keyboard. I, ultimately, still have the problem and will try uninstalling programs possibly causing the issue. I did find out that it was NOT mouse and keyboard or their associated drivers causing the problem. The fundamental reason is that ALL USB PORTS WERE NOT WORKING. According to the USB entries in Device Manager the error causing the issue is "Code 52" or that Windows 10 thinks associated files do not have the appropriate DIGITAL SIGNATURE or maybe they don't but Windows always used to neglect such an issue (Which is bizarre because USB ports really normally work and drivers have existed for nearly forever!!). The reason PS/2 mouse and keyboard work is because that circumvents use of USB. The reason USB ports work in, for instance, BIOS and Repair Disk mode, is due to that error not manifesting under those condition (this turn off of USB happens only near the end of the Windows 10 boot). I can be contacted at neilbomb@aol.com.
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    I ultimately got Windows 10 installed correctly by doing a clean install onto a separate hard drive rather than trying to upgrade my Windows 7 drive. I copied my files over and reinstalled apps as needed. Things have been working for over a month now. This is probably a safer solution as I've had junk come and go with my old system, better to start clean even if its a bit inconvenient in the short term.

    I set my bios to default launch to the Windows 10 drive. I've kept the old Windows 7 drive just in case I missed something, its still connected and hasn't caused any issues.

    My original attempt to upgrade from 7 to 10 was over a year ago. I'd have hoped such an issue would be resolved by now. I guess I saved myself trouble by doing a clean install.

    I've heard of the PS/2 solution before. I was advised to always keep a backup PS/2 keyboard and mouse. However my computer doesn't have any ports that support that.
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