Is Version 2004 Stable Yet?

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    Is Version 2004 Stable Yet?

    I have installed and tried to use version 2004 several times. Each time problems cropped up that I could not tolerate, and I went back to 1909 (thank you Macrium). I am currently on 1909 (OS Build 18363.778. Have the issues with 2004 been fixed? Is it time to upgrade to 2004? I just don't want to waste time with it if the problems have not been resolved.

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    All you are going to hear is anecdotes--which aren't much of a basis for decision-making.

    My anecdote: it's "stable", but not discernibly better than the prior version. One of my primary applications will no longer work, so I found an inferior replacement.

    I don't like it, but I have little choice but to live with it unless I want to abandon Microsoft.

    I'm not sure if there are reliable and semi-convenient ways to defeat the auto-upgrade process indefinitely. If there were, I might consider it.
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    You should make a poll. But what issues did you have with it in particular? There's a few dumb issues with it still, that's why I'm waiting until maybe the cumulative updates in August, unless that breaks something.
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    This question has been asked recently. No, it isn't.

    Just one example- trim on SSDs is performed daily in 2004. It's a bug no one has yet seen MS acknowledge, and repeatedly mentioned in detail by a number here.
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    I just wondered what the status is now. It looks like a real mess of a release ... again. What ever happened to testing before release? I was in database management for over 30 years. If we put out junk like this, we would be looking for another job!

    I am going to stay where I am because I just am not in the mood to fight 2004 again. Maybe eventually they will just skip it and put out a release that actually functions as it should.

    Thanks for the replies.
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    New Win 10 versions are more like Beta releases to be tested by "volunteers" (like you)

    I'm using Sledgehammer (formerly WUMT Wrapper Script) to control the updates.

    You decide when and what to install.
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    I've had it running on at least 4 computers at my house since it first came out with no issues at all.
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    I have it running on 2 computers and have had no problems.
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    The subject question is a bit like the question "Have you stopped beating your wife?". Yes, you're damned. No, you're damned.

    For me, on the 3 devices it was offered, it was always stable.

    I have 3 other devices where it's still being withheld. I'm not going to force any issue, so as far as I'm concerned, the subject question is ambiguous at best, irrelevant at worst..

    Horses for courses.
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    dalchina said:
    It's a bug no one has yet seen MS acknowledge, and repeatedly mentioned in detail by a number here.
    Reminds me of a bug I could confirm only with SSDs, relating to storahci.sys, in likely 1511, back in 2016, which would make Windows 10 freeze, likely with the drive LED lit solid for at least roughly 5 minutes and then in the event log, is a message about the drive being retried.
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