Thanks in advance

Used to run 1803 and resisted updating because I just knew stuff would break, plus they change the look of things and I don't like it. But I decided to format my C: in a bid to speed up my computer and so I had to reinstall windows. Naturally stuff broke.

Per the installation prompt, I made an account using my Microsoft login, but then as soon as I could I made a local account and deleted it. Then I found out for some reason the Libraries under This PC are linked to BS219\OneDrive, specifically Documents and Pictures, where everything else is just under BS219\

I tried unlinking my OneDrive, then I uninstalled it, to no avail. Trying to repath it to BS219\Documents says I can't because there exists a folder in that path and access is denied.

The OneDrive folder won't delete from my computer, although the stuff inside will, the folder itself persists. BS219\OneDrive\Pictures says it's unavailable since its been deleted, and creating one has the same issue of file path conflict.

Also I can't for the life of me get rid of the 3D Objects folder

In Settings, I have it so that new files save to C: and I don't know why it would go to OneDrive. I think rebooting may have cause OneDrive to automatically reinstall. Great. Is there a way to prevent it? I didn't have this issue before. My library was local, and OneDrive was separate and not the default save location.

While I'm at it, I've tried command prompt as administrator and registry editor to add sleep both to Power Options in my power plan and when clicking on the power button. I was able to add Hibernate through Power Options, and I can toggle it with registry but sleep doesn't want to exist. Specifically I want to be able to set it up that power button and lid down put to sleep rather than full hibernate.