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    When you dual boot, the drive you boot into is always the C:\ drive.
    Well, they've gone back to that. But not so on XP. I had W7 on a desktop multi-booting with XP. W7 thought XP was on D: but when booted XP saw itself as on H:

    But in any case it's an anachronism that has to go. Maybe they should consider everything a network share and use UNC notation. I don't know the answer. But global search and replace of drive letters in the Registry ain't it. :)
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    MikeHawthorne, post: 34077, member: 342 said:

    The funny thing is that Windows can do that.

    When you dual boot, the drive you boot into is always the C:\ drive.
    But Windows still knows where all of your files and software is at, even though the D:\ stuff is on C:\ and visa versa.

    A lot of software will run if you just copy it to another drive without being reinstalled, but other software won't.

    Adobe Photoshop won't, Adobe Premiere will.

    Most games will, (I just did that with The Elder Scrolls Online) but some won't, I guess it has to do with how the programs tie into the registry.

    Actually I wish I could run all my software on Ubuntu, it's fast stable and easy to use, but unfortunately while it is a great OS for people who want to get online, type, and do email, it's not for gamers or graphic designers.

    It's just too hard, or impossible to get the software to run.

    Programs like that can be considered "Portable", have own .DLLs, ini or what ever required to run independently without writing in registry or leaving files all over the system folders. Wish they were all like that but it's up to their programers to do it. Can't remember exactly which one it iss but there is a program that attempts to make some ordinary programs portable.
    Here's one collection of portables
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    My ahk programs are meant to be unzipeed into a folder. If they need to store settings they use an .ini file in that folder. The trouble is Windows file systems aren't self-aware. You can't even store a comment that sticks with a file through copies and moves(with a few exceptions.)

    I guess in this regard Linux is no better(unless the file systems after ext3 made enhancements.) My older brother worked at DEC. I got to use a couple of desktop machines. One running VMS. From what he told me file comments or annotations were built into RMS file system. I suspect this was the basis of the Longhorn file system that never came to fruition. Anyway it wasn't perfect. Some things were cumbersome and it helped to use aliases for some operations such as setting the default file directory etc.. But some of the built in features were cool.

    I guess the frustrating thing is, over 25 years later we still don't even have that limited functionality.
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    The things I dislike about MS Windows...

    I've worked on and used many different operating systems; Amiga-DOS, Apple-DOS, DEC VAX 11/730, various flavors of Unix and linux to name a few.

    MS Windows doesn't do multi-tasking well. I miss that greatly. I get patches in Windows, and some things move around. I shouldn't have to hunt for menus and things I need to do. Cute names for things is silly. I prefer OSs that are usable, not 'trendy and far out'.

    Some things, like files that claim it is being used by someone else, and needs to be deleted, can sometimes only be fixed/deleted at command/dos level.

    I don't mind having keyboard shortcuts sand mouse usable menus for software. Sometimes the keyboard shortcut is faster.

    I do like the standardization MS did back in years past for menu selections. At one time Print was a different keyboard shortcut for every software installed.

    XP was good, and I do believe that with the correct security patches it could have been brought up to 2st century standards, but selling operating systems keeps MS in business, not making patches.
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    All programs used to be "portable", before the Registry.
    That's why I maintain that the Registry's main purpose is DRM.
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    Welcome to Nine Forums Peter

    A Guy

    P.S. And Happy Birthday
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    A Guy, post: 34978, member: 22 said:
    Welcome to Nine Forums Peter

    A Guy

    P.S. And Happy Birthday
    Hi Bill
    Thanks. :)
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