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    You might look for Autohotkey Taskbar manipulation utilities. I don't recall anything specifically to force it to the bottom in z-order. I tried to get system change notifications for the Taskbar for one of my programs and there were none sent afaict. Screen res change yes. But Taskbar satus change didn't even fire.
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    One thing that strikes me odd is that after all this time there's still no facility to run console programs in the background like Linux. Instead of typing in all the mumbo jumbo to open another command processor we should be able to just stick a symbol on the end. One for detached in background. Another for opening another window and running. That way one can keep typing into the same console window. It shouldn't be difficult to implement.
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    Whew! I like Mike! or was that "I like Ike"? I guess that dates me, eh?

    I don't understand all the angst against XP. It was the defacto OS for many years and "it was good". I seldom heard anyone complaining about it.

    I've tested every OS since Windows 3.0 and no OS ever did the job so simply and completely as XP-Pro-SP3, which I've just re-installed and am still running.

    Windows 8 or even 8.1 did the job and was acceptable with a few tweaks, like The Classic Shell, Grant Admin Full Control, and a few other registry tweaks to improve performance. But right out of the box, it was/is a total piece of crap.

    It takes me almost two hours, to set up a new Windows 8 PC for my old customers, so they can use it and not take it right back to the store, for a refund.

    Duh? Why include Windows Mail in W-8 and then disable it so it can't run? Stupid.....Way Stupid!
    Well Microshaft, I have the fix for that and my customers who have used Outlook Express as their email program for over a decade, love me for it.

    If I'm forced to use Windows 8/8.1 I can....I know how, but my first choice is to continue to use XP, with or without MS support. I just WORKS!

    Albeit.... one thing that most W8.1 users don't even know, is that 8.1 has 16 bit compatibility. It will run those old 16 bit (DOS) programs that so many people are still in love with.
    I have an old Mahjongg game that I bought in 1990, that plays just great on 8.1. :)

    86 the sheep jokes!

    Windows 9 better be one heck of an OS to get my business.

    Cheers Mates!
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    There is a saying that was popular when my wife and I were spending lots of time in Marriage Encounter.

    To grow is to change, to grow much is to change often.

    That's sort of how I feel about operating systems. Same same same is boring, I like change and playing with new things. I Agree that Windows 8 out of the box was terrible but adding Start8, Win 7 Gadgets and games, disabling UAC and voilla` I have a rock solid system that does everything I ask it to.
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    The one thing an operating system should be is boring.
    If I want excitement I'll run software.

    I'd like to have an operating system that is as exciting as my refrigerator and with the same complexity and reliability.

    Computer are too complicated.

    Right this minute I'm fixing the computer of a friend that has so much malware on it, it's unusable. She doesn't have a clue about how to get it working again.

    I want to be able to tell my computer verbally, Hey, get your act together and clean yourself up!

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    I know I would never get what I wish for an OS, specially Windows but:
    A nice, clean OS devoid of all the mambo-jumbo without all those "Helpful" little programs that most of freeware can replace with ease. In my books, IE can go away together with such deep integration in the system. Something like "Total Commander" should replace clunkiest file handling system I have ever seen. Cut, paste, move, might as well do it thru console.
    So, you install windows, first thing that shows up is an empty (or almost empty) desktop with ONE button that when clicked on gives you a list of programs or lets you load your own with all the programs you want to install.
    If they want Apps to be used like they imagined, at least they should make sure that they are possible to use in all other devices they have Windows for. What's the use for mobile like Apps if they do not run on mobile devices. If they insist on those Apps to be used on desktop, let them at least be used just as desktop programs with all the windows flexibility and when you shut them off, they should shut down completely, not linger on in the background like now. If they want an AV like Defender now, at least make sure it's best thing out there, not a mediocre false hope that even M$ said that it's not good enough and should be at least augmented if not totally replaced. All that disk space, thread and memory usage with update downloads and still no good.
    All the resources they are trowing away on useless stuff they should use for system developing, it's security and to hire at least couple of talented graphic designers with long experience in using computers, the real ones not preschool toys.
    If they want to "dumb it down", differently formatted Windows should be available.

    Professional: Just as barebone as possible but with no limits as to networking, memory restrictions etc. Hopefully at least professionals will know what to do next. As it is now, Pro, Ultimate or what ever flashy words they can think of just means complication, not power and simplicity professionals need. No UAC or other restrictions may apply.

    General home Windows: with defined restrictions for kids as an option completely isolated from main part but controlled from it and no rebooting or user changing like now, something like VM but faster. Emphasis on internet, connectivity and ease of use. A really good AV may apply here or even better, a list of internet addresses linking to certifiably good, free, AVs so with on click it would download and install chosen one. Bet many AV houses would be thrilled to get on that list and even pay M$ for it. List could be changed and/or widened thru automatic updates.

    Game Windows : Optimized for games, no other BS, integration with xBox or whatever other game engines they plan in the future. Drivers and settings for as many as possible game controllers. Full cooperation with games for pocket devices of course.
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    Yes, I wish I had an operating system that had a screen that lists my installed programs and nothing else except a file management utility, that didn't try and decide for me where I should save stuff.

    I just want it to let my run my software.
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    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! . . .just setting here wondering. . .:angelic:
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    The biggest change I'd like to see is elimination of drive letters. Rooting every file access starting at some arbitrarily assigned drive letter shackles us to the past. I don't know exactly how it should be implemented. Maybe it will require severing backward compatibility. But as long as every file identifier starts with x: where x is some drive letter, all related problems are unsolvable.

    If you drag and drop a bunch of installed programs from internal physical disk one to internal physical disk two, the system should know where they came from, where they went, and they should still work just as they did when located on the first drive. It's time the computer started doing some of the thinking for us. That's what it's there for.
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    The funny thing is that Windows can do that.

    When you dual boot, the drive you boot into is always the C:\ drive.
    But Windows still knows where all of your files and software is at, even though the D:\ stuff is on C:\ and visa versa.

    A lot of software will run if you just copy it to another drive without being reinstalled, but other software won't.

    Adobe Photoshop won't, Adobe Premiere will.

    Most games will, (I just did that with The Elder Scrolls Online) but some won't, I guess it has to do with how the programs tie into the registry.

    Actually I wish I could run all my software on Ubuntu, it's fast stable and easy to use, but unfortunately while it is a great OS for people who want to get online, type, and do email, it's not for gamers or graphic designers.

    It's just too hard, or impossible to get the software to run.

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