Need to move AppData folder from SSD onto other Hard Disk

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    [SOLVED] Need to move AppData folder from SSD onto other Hard Disk

    SOLVED: I had simply misunderstood how to set the Symbolic Link. For those of you stumbling across this post on the forum or from a search engine, I'll try to explain the problem to not make this post useless.

    As mentioned below in a comment, moving AppData might result in certain issues, so do this at your own risk, i have no liability for your computer being messed up!

    1. Make/Log into an administrator account, that is not the user account that you want to move the AppData on
    2. Navigate to your user folder (C:\Users\YourUsername\)
    3. Drag and drop your AppData folder into its new location (In my case, E:\MyUsername\). Some files may not be accessible, or may be in use. In my experience, it is okay to skip these first (I am on a fresh install of windows with very few programs, your results may vary!)
    If the original AppData folder still exists, rename it to something else, in my case, i renamed it AppData-OLD, though it shouldnt matter what it is named
    5. make sure that there is no longer a folder named AppData in your user folder, If there is, refer to step 4, if all is good, open a CMD as administrator, and use the command cd C:\Users\YourUsername\, and press enter.
    6. Once ensured that CMD is inside of this folder, execute the command mklink /D AppData (New AppData Path here)
    7. If CMD shows an error pertaining to the file already existing, double check that the AppData folder is NOT in your user folder, if so, once again, refer to Step 4, if not, make sure you have the path right, directed to the original user folder.

    Something that confused me during this process was that I had originally tried to move the wrong AppData. When finding your appdata, make sure to NOTuse %appdata% to find the folder, and manually navigate to C:\Users\. and open the folder of the username of the account you are moving AppData on, not the account you are currently using.

    I'm not the best at describing things, so I hoped this helped some of you!

    It's been about a year since i built my rig, and since i decided i had more experience working with everything, and keeping it clean, I've decided to hit the good old reset computer button in windows settings, just for a clean slate. I've not yet installed any programs, just to avoid personal confusion, so every file on the system should be stock.

    Onto the issue:
    I'm wanting to move anything and everything applications can install to, the Program Files folders should be a great start, but since i can change something like that when i install a program anyways, i'm not worrying yet. What I worry about most is AppData, which was the bulk of what took up my C drive on my last install. I've made a symbolic link, but im not convinced it's working, as if the data there is still stored on the C drive, and my other drive is just a shortcut to it. I read elsewhere that you could simply go into properties and change the location, much like other user files (desktop, downloads, pictures, documents, etc), but I cannot seem to find this setting. What's the best course of action here?

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    Hi, you might consider- if you really have to- and with due precaution (e.g. disk imaging, Macrium Reflect) in case something goes wrong- this
    Move Users Folder Location in Windows 10

    But far better to keep all aspects of Windows, registry, drivers, start menu data, program-related folders on C: and personal data - as far as possible- on another disk or partition.

    What you really shouldn't do is arbitrarily move certain folders basic to the way Windows works to another drive or partition, even if you do manage to succeed. This is very likely to cause problems when upgrading, for example, even if it can be made to work at present.
    Can I move my AppData folder in Windows 10? - Super User

    Further, consider what you're going to secure with routine disk imaging if your Windows installation is split between two drives.

    Your 128Gb SSD isn't terribly large. I have many more programs than most users might have easily accommodated on a 256Gb SSD. Now since I bought that some years ago, prices per Gb will have fallen, so 500Gb or more should be reasonably doable.

    Consider simply making sure you have a large enough system disk.
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