I'm working on win 10 enterprise LTSB x64.

I'm following the instructions on Start layout for Windows 10 desktop editions - Windows 10 hardware dev on how to make a start menu layout that I can deploy.

Note: By default on Win 10 LTSB the icons in the start menu are "Contact Support" and "Feedback"

For now all I want is Internet Explorer under a group that is the name of the company. So I'm in my admin account and I set it up and export the layout to xml via powershell command. I then overwrite the defaultlayouts.xml file in the default user profile. When I log in as a new user however instead of IE all that shows is the "settings" app and no group name is there. I then tried using the sample layout xml from the above link. Same thing. Just a "settings" app appears.

Is anyone else having this issue?