I had a black screen error on Windows 10 probably due to running out of RAM, doing too much at once. However I was luckily able to recover without rebooting by using windows key + control + shift + b to restart graphics drivers and the screen came back to life. I was able to control + alt + delete and restart windows explorer in task manager to bring it all the way back but now a couple paints I had open are there and blacked out or transparent. The unsaved notepads and unsaved paints are still showing but can't interact with them to save them (I really don't want to lose them thats why I didn't restart) they will popup their window but be transparent or not show their contents so I can't do anything with it. If I slide something like task manager around it leaves a continual trail graphically of where it was.

So things are still messed up but I can for example open a new windows explorer and browse around and interact with my folders and files. Is there maybe a way to find the unsaved notepads/paints on the file system and transfer them into permanent storage out of RAM onto a hard drive so I can restart without losing all of them? Or a solution so I can interact with them again and save them graphically as usual since they're still open and not lost yet?

Edit: By the way this happened partially because I have a ton of unsaved paints accumulated that I was going to go back and save and that consistently causes system instability for some reason. I was watching a YouTube vid in chrome and when I opened another webpage chrome stopped responding. As that was not responding and I was waiting for it to come back I decided to start saving some of the paints and after clicking the save button on the 1st paint thats when the black screen crash occurred triggered by that