Updated Windows 10 Pro to 2004 Screen Magnifier has become jumpy?

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    Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit

    Updated Windows 10 Pro to 2004 Screen Magnifier has become jumpy?

    Hi updated Win10 to 2004 (Build 19041,329) since I updated the screen magnifier has become jumpy. Its a bit hard to describe It does not seem to jump in specific areas its more random. The best way I can describe it is that if I drag the screen from left to right when I stop the screen will jump a centimeter back to the left. You can even continue to make this happen if you just move the mouse to the right a little bit at a time.

    I forgot to mention I use the full screen magnification mode at 300% or 400% I tend to change the zoom level.

    I found this post that suggested changing some settings but I could not find the settings suggested.

    Go to Settings
    Go to Ease of Access
    Select the Magnifier section on the left-hand side
    On the right-hand side, untick the ‘Enable Bitmap Smoothing’ option. Unticking this option will make the Magnifier smoother and less jerky
    Untick the ‘Follow Narrator Cursor’ option: this will stop Magnifier from following every word read out by Narrator, providing you with greater control of Magnifier

    Source: How to fix Magnifier issues after Windows 10 Fall Creators Update – Dr Scott Hollier – Digital Access Specialist

    I could not find the bitmap smoothing option.

    Instead I unchecked:

    - Smooth edges on images and text

    Thanks for taking time to read my post.
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    Hi, I also use Magnifier a lot and yes, I can confirm that build 19041 has that problem.
    It started in a build before 19041, can't remember now.
    I am at 19645 and the problem is still there. It seems I have to jump to 201xx because 19645 is about to expire.
    I believe there is no fix for magnifier yet. Maybe.. hacking the executable or its dlls.
    The "fixes" will not fix the magnifier problem.
    Turning off smoothing will releaf GPU of doing the heavy work. Old GPUs will get laggy with smoothing on.
    Narrator has nothing to do with magnifier issue.
    The problem with the magnifier tool is just too irritating and gets aggravating.
    You move the pointer and screen jumps and goes back and forward or the pointer goes out of the screen and you move again and screen goes to the corner where the pointer is hidden.
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    I found with the 2004 Update the magnifying lens disappeared. It was a sort of hokey look but what it allowed the user to do was easily adjust or dismiss magnification. It kinda followed you around.

    The new version doesn't do this. If you move around the screen the 'adjustment bar' moves away. This sucks because you can lose it and have trouble getting out of magnification.

    Am I the only one experiencing this? Is there a simple switch to flip or setting to return this functionality?
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    I believe it's no longer possible. The Magnifier horizontal window will not turn into magnifier lens. Instead it will stay there opened. There was a minimize option in Magnifier settings in Settings.
    I am waiting for microsoft to launch another Iron build so I can move to 201xx and then check if they did something to Magnifier.
    "Maybe" the Magnifier gets fixed with 20h2 build 19042. :^D
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    The Magnifier from build 20175 is totally broken.
    The mouse pointer does not match what's being clicked or hovered.
    Those in 19041 rollback if you can... if you can't, use "as is" or reinstall 18363.
    Atm... I reduced my screen size to 1024x768 and 125%/150% dpi....
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    windows 10

    The problem still exists. I sent feedback through feedback hub, sent a video and an engineer replied. The issue got fixed in next builds but not totally.
    Basically, the Magnifier problem is still there and it will make its way to 21h1.
    I'm currently using build 20277...
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    windows 10

    They seem kinda listened and magnifier SEEMS finally fixed with builds 21318(?)+. The (?) means that I cannot recall which build magnifier got fixed. I'm currently on build 21322 and the past one 21318 was fixed as well.
    No more screen flickering and headaches.
    Before build 21318(?), the magnifier was way too broken and one day I managed to broke the mouse scroll wheel when I slammed the mouse against the table.
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